Animal and Child Cruelty Links in Wordplay Comedy Episode

This chapter keeps to time, with the episodes divided almost exactly between the countries featured. I thought it was a good chapter to do it in, as the Balkans has had a lot of fighting over land in its medieval and recent history, so this chapter shares its time; with time perhaps symbolising land in that way.

Animal and Child Cruelty

It also has an anti-fur clothing message. It may inspire some people to buy some in ‘rebellion’, as some people consider any act of rebellion cool, such as middle-aged people in responsibility grooming young people!

If you buy fur or groom youngsters you’re not rebelling against me, you are just acting like a sadistic psychopath, only caring about yourself, and not the cruelty, pain and suffering you cause.


If young people want the relationship, such as fans of rock stars, then it’s up to them. There are also some young people who do it for their careers or lifestyle, or just to be a sadistic psychopath themselves, as that trait isn’t related to age.

My main sympathy is with those who are totally groomed to do something they don’t really want to do, especially those in care who might not have had proper love, making them particularly ‘weak’ and ‘vulnerable’.

Status Creates Difference Superiority Illusion

In a recent documentary I saw them called the ‘lowest of the low’ by a woman of their demographic, except she’d become the girlfriend of one of those controlling the ‘lowest’.

A footballer describing how he was groomed by someone saying ‘he did want to be a footballer didn’t he’ made me think of my time in academia, and how my student colleague/rival had a rapid ascent after sleeping with the Head of Department, and expert in our field. Did he groom her with a similar offer?

I must admit, I am as much bitter about my own academic demise there as much as sympathy for her. It’s the same lesser sympathy for any of those who are groomed partially by choice, and who then complain when it comes to an end; and especially if they then sue, such as some people do when work for big companies comes to an end.

Comedy Explained

Returning to the XaW Files story, this chapter keeping to time also has a comedy reason, as comedy is more valuable when the comedian can do what they’re pretending they can’t do, for comedy effect, such as Tommy Cooper did with magic. Not that I didn’t keep to time in the other chapters to set up this chapter, they just happened that way.

This episode is quite a simple comedy wordplay travel break, leaving Albania to Macedonia. Just before leaving, I’d just like to add that a paragraph heading in the first episode had been changed to ‘Scrabblemania in Albania’ in the first episode of the chapter by the time the book was published.

I treated Albania as a secular socialist country, not a religious one, as the dominant religion in the country’s ‘prophet’ apparently had a 6-year-old bride, consummated at 9! For balance, greenYgrey style, British and European royalty also had such practises at that time.

It is still common in the ‘developing world’, and the new Islamic government/dictatorship in Turkey is trying to bring it back there, on Europe’s border, as well as threatening to send millions more Muslims north.

There has been child abuse in other religions too, and most other organisations where there are adults and children, as shown by the media and football cases. Britain is hopefully coming to terms with this now. However, the New Wave of Monotheistic Religion (NWOMR) risks taking it back decades or centuries, and back under the covers of religious institutions, dogma and secrecy.

If the British establishment is really sorry about all the child abuse it allowed, then it should stop advocating and popularising a religion with child abuse in its origins. It is an affront to modern decency, and makes a mockery of all their public apologies – although the historic abuse inquiry’s failings also suggests they are not really sorry.

XaW Files: Chapter 5 Episode 3

Finding Love again was fantastic, but we didn’t have time to dwell on our reunion celebration. I had to remember that this chapter is much shorter than the previous ones, there are seven countries to cover, and it’d been a rush at the end of the last chapter to include five countries.

Leaving Vlore to Explore

We had time to catch up some more once we got On The Road; and that of course reminded us of Jack and Mary. We hoped they were doing okay, werever (sic) they were.

Love also told me Stella had  been wounded at The Oldies battle. They hit her with the news that Karl Lagerfeld has signed up with fur-specialist brand Fendi, making her disown his connotation  from her name. She now thinks of Lager only in terms of beer.

It was a bit of a shock to start with, but Stella was beering (sic) up well.

Love said it had been worried about me when it saw me sent flying out of Vlore, and it thought it might not see me again in Albania.

I told Love I hit the Gjirokastër ground running, and was thinking of it as soon as my paws hit the floor.

Through Fier With Fire not Fear

Maybe my Gjirokastër account got us going, because we picked up some steam, and my feet felt like they were on fire through Fier. We kept up the pace, and my feet felt on fire again in Fier-Shegan. The feeling upgraded to fierce in Fierze.

Taking a break to let our feet and paws cool off, we got some go-slow-time in Gostime. We checked Google Maps, remembering we had on average just under three episodes for each country in this chapter.

Love suggested we could cross into Macedonia before the end of this episode to get us back on schedule. A couple of lakes didn’t look far away, in the south of each country. Lake Ohrid looked horrid for some reason.

It’s southern neighbour Lake Prespa looked impressive to me, but that might be because it is full of greenYgrey relevance, being the border of three countries: Albania, Macedonia and Greece.


G-Force Snake Island Course

We crossed the border at Lake Ohrid, which was really nice in reality, and especially once we travelled deep into the Galicica national park. It had great greenYgrey scenery, and an interesting three double letters name.

We crossed overland to Lake Prespas, gradually gradiating down to Golem Grad, drawn to it like a G-force magnet. However, I only found out when we reached there that it is also known as Snake Island. Moreover, it’s not because of its shape, but because it’s really full of snakes!



Karl Lagerfeld article
Galicica national park:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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