Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 2 of 7

The first of six natural art works featured in Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature was Ash Dome in Snowdonia. Ash Dome contains 22 ash trees making a perfect circle 30 feet wide. It was created by David Nash 40 years ago, and has been tended by him ever since.

Natural Art Readymade

Incorporating Marcel Duchamp’s readymade art; found by me through the greenYgrey’s epic XaW Files travel quest Euro ramble; into greenYgrey readYmade art, here’s a great greenYgrey art image. The ash circle is here seen in the background, between two grey trees in the foreground.


While it may seem artless to use a century-old artistic idea and somebody else’s forty-year-old natural art design, the screen print was chosen at the ideal greenYgrey time to capture the maximum amount of greenYgreyness.

Real New Art

As Duchamp turned a toilet into a fountain, I have turned a television documentary fleeting moment into a still image ideally capturing the best angle for the most greenYgreyness.

That makes the image into a greenYgrey art original, as traditional artists only usually capture an impression of a real scene; the real original image.

The Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature documentary itself was the first readymade artistic medium. That programme created a nature documentary out of what artworks it chose, as a painter chooses what to include on canvas.

I have chosen the above image to feature here. That was my original. Of course, it can be adapted into lots of different artistic images, such as one with only the nature included in the image.


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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