Comedy Wordplay Euro Trip Helping Mental Health Message with Love

The next episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity stars comedy wordplay centred on searching for Love the mixed-up vole in Vlore, Albania. I just looked up a Love the mixed-up vole photo, having originally written love in green letters on a vole image, but found the one below first. I just saw it is titled From Dawn Till Dusk, after recently posting the XaW Files episode containing the From Dusk Till Dawn movie.


Children in Need’s big day was also last Friday. Respect to all the heroes and heroines that collected for it, and those who donated. You can still donate at BBC Children in Need.

Euro Trip Comedy

The classic comedy gold episode takes place in the southern Albanian county of Vlore, which has the anagrammatic ingredient letters to make Love feel at home. It also references the very relevant U2 song Street Without Names, and a couple of classic characters, vaguely based on Ant n’ Dec of I’m A Celebrity fame, using wordplay with the word decorum and the Greek god Dionysus, from Grey’s epic solo ramble round Australia: Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

werewolf of oz

Chapter 5 Episode 2

I don’t want to be a bore
so this episode is about
looking for Love in Vlore
but first I have a doubt
about travelling to the shore
or the mountains around Kotë
Lumi Flores Valley like a door
into the hometown of Josef Kote.


Looking for Love in Vlore

‘r you looking for loVe,’ asked a painter sitting in Vlore’s harbour area.

‘r that be right,’ I replied, sounding somewhat like a traditional pirate, and reminding me of our adventures with Pirate Lacost, Captain Dec O’ Rum and Dai on the Seas in a classic story from Grey’s epic Werewolf of Oz journey, when we were reunited for the only time of that Middle-Time for our trite trilogy.

The painter also sounded like a pirate when responding: ‘r do believe I saw a mixed-up vole of that name pass this way just an hour ago. It asked if I’d seen any Rs around, because it said it thought it would be able to fit into Vlore then.’

I thanked the painter, and complimented his painting, which included colours that made me feel at home.

Where the Streets Change Names

I walked down what looked like Rruga Mis Durhan on Google Maps, but thought the street sign said uRrga Mis Durhan now. So I asked Mis Durhan if I was where I thought I was.


Mis Durhan said I was in the right place, and this wasn’t a Street Without Names; rather, it was a Street with Easily Changeable Names.

I thanked her and said I was sorry to bother her, but I was looking for my mixed-up vole friend. Her reply worried me.

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘actually, that is the reason why I changed my name today. A vole sounding like your friend asked me if I could spare one of my Rs, as it needed one to feel at home in Vlore. So I brought my exposed first two Rr letters into the middle of my first name, where I feel they are safe, like the r in my third name. ’

‘Oh, I’m sorry about that Mis Durhan,’ I replied, ‘but I’m sure Love wouldn’t steal one of your Rs. I think it’s just feeling a little lost and lonely, and there are no Rs in them.’

Finding Love in Vlore

I had a similar experience in Rruga Vasil Puka, which was uga VRasil Pruka when I arrived. I tried to assure Vasil that Love was no threat, and he did seem to relax, saying Love had headed in the direction of Rruga Andrea Vorfi.

‘Love,’ I shouted, startling poor Andrea, who was already looking quite worried, clasping her Rr letters as if for dear life.

‘greenYgrey,’ Love volley returned, ‘you’re all I need to feel complete again.’

Love seemed to forget all about being an Rrshole in a city full of Rs, and ran down Rruga Andrea Vorfi without paying any more attention to her Rrs.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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