Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 1 of 7

I was going to post this yesterday, but after watching Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature again I was too overwhelmed by its relevance to greenYgrey art to post. I needed time to think and absorb. I knew it was too big and important for one blog post: too much for me to include, and too much to expect you to absorb and appreciate in a massive blog post.

Introducing a Game Changer for greenYgreying Art?

Although I knew I was creating art when I started the Greenygrey more than a decade ago, I didn’t really know its place in art history. After James Fox recently explained  conceptual art, with lots of information about where greenYgreying fits in within the art world, he returned with another cracker this week looking at nature; although I noticed it was first shown in May, and I must have missed it then.

Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature was split into six sections: forest, fields, coast, path, garden and sky. So I thought I’d do it justice, and have a blog post for each, along with this introduction.

That will be seven blog posts, escaping CUSSing (Creating Unnecessary Satanic Significance). I think that’s important, because a lot of people associate nature with negativity, when if there is a god or gods, it is surely god’s greatest gift, and its most majestic handiwork. As Charles Jencks says in the documentary, humanity is a part of that nature.

Introduction and End Credits Photo Frames

The documentary includes lots of examples of greenYgreying nature art, as well as many insights into the thoughts and work of the artists, and what actually constitutes art. Hopefully, it will be both entertaining for great greenYgreyliens, and explain me and my art to sceptics.

In this introduction I include a couple of photos from the beginning and end: both including great greenYgreying of different types – from different camera viewpoints and inclusion of humanity – but my stars are of the same greenYgrey nature. The next six, interspersed with XaW Files episodes, will include the independent sections.


My Artistic Achievements in Context

The culmination of my decade-long greenYgreying art was the massive construction big book  XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. While non-artists may think it weird, some of the artists in the documentary have been doing projects for decades, of the most abstract kind, and without any audience!

While it frustrates me when negative people don’t ‘get me’, I suppose it is a backhanded compliment really: if people ‘got me’ straight away it would make me look less of a self-proclaimed genius! And it’s the same if they think I’m on drugs for my athletic achievements!!

However, unfortunately, I know there are lots of artists, writers and athletes out there who are just as good or better than me in some or all ways. I think I have done well against the odds to achieve what I have though, with my books the peaks of my artistic creativity.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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