I’m A Celebrity Nobel Lord Woman of Year … all Missed but Still Here

After declaring you’ve reached level XaW 4
I could close the gYg POP perceptions door
leaving you stranded on the Med shelf
not knowing what to do with yourself
but from Huxley to Cricket, ‘There’s more…’

The Show Must Go On

Bob Dylan didn’t want his Nobel prize for literature, making me think I was a more deserving recipient.

Bono seemed embarrassed by his Woman of the Year award.

Nigel Farage is in line to be a Lord.

I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here has started again… without me!

But the XaW Files: Beyond Humanity journey continues through the Balkans in chapter 5, avoiding religion and war, looking to its positive sides, such as environment and culture.

After my intro above combined the words of philosopher Aldous Huxley that inspired the name of the 1960s psychedelic band The Doors and the comedy catchphrase of Jimmy Cricket, this episode mixes scrabble comedy wordplay, an Alice in Wonderland reference, deep thoughts and real Albanian people and places.

Chapter 5:

Pivotal Attempt at Conscious Equality

Episode 1

exploR/De the mind
spin body around
looking for epiphany
to see beauty
hidden in humanity
orbiting all obscurity
extending the despair
if you’re a-were
but also beauty
you will see
close your eyes
hear no lies
stand alone proximity
think only me
like lone-tree falling
no-one hears calling.

Apocalypse Now… or Then

I think Quentin Tarwolfino was supposed to appear here originally, but then changed his mind, as it is after all my story, and we can’t have other werewolves writing XaW Files can we… can were… well, that’s what I think at the moment anyway, and this moment is all I have..!

It was a bit of an apocalypse losing Mary and Jack back in Transylvania, and Andy Wolfhol and his vampire band getting away off the coast of Greece, but there was some great news, as I did land all greenYgreynia in Albania.

Scrabbling for Stories in Albania

The only problem was that I landed alone, stranded high on a mountain City of Stone. I walked barefoot along square tiles of ancient significance, before seeing what looked like a cat and a king playing a board game.

When I drew nearer I realised they were playing scrabble, and were down to their last few letters. The king laughed, before saying, ‘Ha, you may have drawn level on your last go, but I can use my own proper noun name, as I am a king, so I will put down my Z and G either side of the O, making ZOG, which is worth 10-1-2, putting me 13 points ahead. I think that is check-mate my matey cat.’

The cat smiled like that famous Cheshire one, before meeowing: ‘Not so fast King Zog, for you are not the only one to be able to use your own name,’ and with that it placed an L, Y and X around an N to give it 14 points and take the game.

zog cheshire_proof

Finding Feet and Love in Albania

I congratulated the lynx cat on its victory, and introduced myself. Then I asked where I was, and if they’d seen any other strangers pass this way, declaring my Love the mixed-up Vole lost, after remembering that the others had stayed in Romania.

The cat smiled that same Cheshirish smile, before saying, ‘Ah, greenYgrey, I have heard of you, and your fondness for Gs and Ys. I think you will feel at home here, because you are in Gjirokastër County, which to me sounds a little like a name for one who casts Gs, as you could be said to do. I have not seen any voles pass this way, but by its name, and using some scrabbling sense logic like with yours and this county, I would try looking for Love in Vlore, which is the next county to the west.’


King Zog ruled Albania in the twentieth century: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zog_I_of_Albania

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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