Comedy Wordplay Fantasy Travelling Maps of Epic Poem Proving Chav Genius

The epic poem finishing off Chapter 4 of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity travelled far: about 1279 km, or 800 miles, according to Google Maps, which is what it travelled by. Here’s a couple of screenshots showing the journey from Bucharest in Romania down through Bulgaria to Athens in Greece, and then up to the island of Corfu.

In 1987 I travelled through the old Yugoslavia by public transport to Thessaloniki in northern Greece. I had great hitching, making it down to Athens in one day (about 500 km, 330 miles). The following year I travelled through Bulgaria on a bus from Istanbul to Munich (about 1800 km, 1200 miles).

I had no religion then, and I have none now.

Bumble Bee Philosophy

I was full of love, for life and the world, carefree as a bumble bee.

Nearly 30 years later I now know that bumble bees don’t live as carefree as they look, having lots of things to do each day, just to survive and thrive.

The knowledge of life feels like a weight now, the nectar of honey dew, as Rush’s Xanadu sings of such dining; selection inspired by their album Hemispheres being cited in the last XaW Files episode.

Escape still possible,
current life disposable,
contented writing ambition,
unimpressed by perdition.

Epic Poem Travel Maps



Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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