Epic Poem Ends Vampire Werewolf Conflict Chapter, Travelling Dusk to Dawn

re Citing Django Unchained in the last blog post might have been subconsciously inspired by Quentin Tarantino appearing in this blog post, the final episode from Chapter 4 of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. Congratulations if you’ve read all four chapters, reaching level 4 of XaW. You are progressing well on the gYg path to POP (PinkyOrangePurple):


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Super Moon Swoon

Congratulations to those who saw the Super Moon last night. The sky wasn’t kind to me, with thick clouds here, quite ironically; or maybe I just didn’t make enough effort to find a clear sky!

I’m much more of a sun man anyway, even naming the Greenygrey a sun wolf, going against wolf/werewolf tradition. The moon can look nicer than normal at times, but it can’t paint the sky like the sun.

Quentin Tarantino: Movie Correspondent

Quentin Tarantino was the greenYgrey movie correspondent; not because he’s my favourite director, but because his name had the quickest comedy wordplay adaptation I could think of out of the big movie people that came to mind. I like quite a few of his movies, and the one featured here, From Dusk Till Dawn, is probably my favourite of his.

In the greenYgrey world I delicately removed his ant and inserted a wolf in a parody procedure of which I hope Tarantino/Tarwolfino himself would approve. In the rush released first edition of the book I called him Tarwolftino, before realising my mistake after self-publishing.

Three Countries Travel Epic Poem

While some epic poems last for a whole book, this is an epic poem for me. It finishes the chapter off conveniently, including all the planned countries.

If you’ve had the feeling watching movies or reading books where you think the story must be ending soon, but it’s far too early for the expected time, hopefully you are at that stage with this narrative, with the travel quest target already met.

Can greenYgrey, Love the mixed-up vole and Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno escape the vampires, and even rescue their werewolf correspondents. The others arrived at the end of the previous chapters, and Tarwolfino is this chapter’s newbie, but how does he arrive, and what happens to him… all is revealed in the next thrilling episode…

Chapter 4 Episode 24

The Oldies club went wild as the New York Dolhascas opened with It’s Too Late. Then the singer, who I now knew was none other than our XaW, looked directly over at me. After locking me in his hypnotic gaze he screamed, ‘This one’s for you greenYgrey’, before launching into Bad Detective.

Long-Awaited New York Dolhascas Set

My hopes rose when they slowed the pace for Personality Crisis, with the song’s theme making me think Andy Wolfhol was fighting his vampirism, but that fleeting glimpse of XaW’s creative sensitivity was soon extinguished by the next song.

NYD launched into a rollicking version of (There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown, and at the end of it XaW looked straight at me. I wondered what he had up his sleeve, expecting a trick or three of cunning subtlety, vampire style, but what happened shocked me even more.

Belting Through Bulgaria

XaW broke his silence by saying, ‘Not yet. Not now. I’m off for a Subway Train.’

Explosions engulfed the stage, and when the smoke cleared the New York Dolhascas were gone.

I was glad to see the back
of the New York Dolhascas
but I still wanted my buddies
and even some more answers
Bad Detective I may be
much of the time all at sea
but I saw through the NYD ruse
picking up their trail at Ruse Pyce
just over the border in Bulgaria
a completely new country area
an essential on my XaW Files itinerary
shouting garish male cow mania to me
moo moving freely southwards down
Love loving the view in each city and town
had brekkie at a Levski denim winterwear cafe
took elevenses at Pleven even in a plum tree
thought our luck was in by the look of Lukovit
but it was gradually bottomed out by Botevgrad’s wit
Sofia was so pretty I nearly forgot
that I’m not supposed to care a jot
that I’ve lost the XaW Files plot
that I’ll end up with not a lot
if I didn’t continue chasing Wolfhol into Greece
even though we’ve passed the page 1-2 crease
into another page and country
that’ll teach us about pleasantry
rambling slowly through some
means rushing to complete the sum
but listening to Hemispheres makes it enjoyable
and my journey with Love seems rather durable.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Gallivanting Through Greece

Thessaloniki was our first stop with hardly time to yawn
travelling fast to pick up the plot from Dusk to Dawn
I became Seth, and Love chose to take Kate
my vole friend using its anagramming trait
mixing new words for the first time, before we mixed it up
Love style, with Kate becoming me and Seth Loved up
we felt in limbo at Pyrgetos
so we decided to westwards cross
at Metsovo we met a vole so confident of its identity
it only used the first half of its name introducing itself to me
Love didn’t seem at all perturbed
in fact it seemed to glow its word
but our journey had to quickly continue
and there was no time for additional retinue
in fact that delay may have cost Quentin Tarwolfino
as we found him already badly bitten by Santánico
just like in Tarantino’s movie
where he played a real baddie
it was too late for our old movie correspondent
so we continued our ramble rather despondent
the sun was rising over Athens in the east
making us hope we’d find the vampires weak
but crossing over to Corfu
a great southerly wind blew
sending us hurtling up towards Albania
seeing a suspicious ship sailing near
with curtains covering all portholes
ideal daytime sailing for vampires and moles
we could do nothing to help our friends then
but hoped that one day we’d meet again.


Athens, Greece


It’s Too Late, Bad Detective and (There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown from New York Dolls’s Too Much Too Soon album.
Personality Crisis and Subway Train from the New York Dolls’s New York Dolls eponymous album.
From Dusk Till Dawn movie and characters.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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