Poetic Lake Sparks Colours Clarification

This blog post contains racial debate discussion, resulting from the Brexit and American election results, and the resulting opinion of some that it’s all the white working-class’s fault, probably resulting in more hatred against the white working-class and more divisions.

Hopes for a Better Britain

While liberals who’ve grown up in the last twenty years will probably think there’s lots of racism, as a doctor of philosophy I can assure you there is none. It’s not ‘racist’ to put arguments and opinions forth.

If anything and everything wasn’t considered ‘racist’ over the last twenty years, then maybe we could have had a mature adult debate, and not fallen into a childish immature media world where white people think anything they say is going to be decoded as racist, so they might as well give up and be racist!

The greenYgrey could have started life as the Yellowyblue, two positive colours I like, and it would have been in line with the county and city I live in’s colours. It would also have been in line with blue-sky thinking – a good sales pitch, as it has connotations of clarity and brightness, inducing happiness, setting good-feelings brain chemicals off, making people more inclined to shop.

I could even have called it the Whitey-something. I think some people consider it racist anyway, when it’s colour-neutral, so I might as well have gone with something more to one extreme: white or black, that’s all anybody seems to want to understand/support!

greenYgrey History

But the website and symbolism was more about nature and the environment, the greyness of truth and reality, and bipolarity. So it was called the Greenygrey, as it fitted in with environmentalism, the sociological clash of classes in the U.K., the dominant landscape colours as I saw them, and a contrast of colours symbolising the bipolarity I consider myself to have: bright green and dull grey.

I think some race-obsessed people think it was racist, against the emphasis of black and white being together. However, that’s easily disproved, as grey is a combination of the two colours!

It also didn’t have anything to do with Ireland. I write that now because a few years after I started the site an Irish work-manager seemed to think it was all about him, as many people have incorporated it into their worlds, when they didn’t come into my life until long after, and really had nothing to do with it.

If it has anything to do with Ireland, in hindsight, it’s to semiotically show that Ireland doesn’t own ‘green’, any more than the green areas of Britain; such as the Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire Dales or Welsh Cambrian Mountains; or the national symbolism of Mexico and Cameroon. Ireland still has some beautiful greenery, and thankfully so do many other places.

New Labour Race Mistake Proved

It was against an over-emphasis on race during the New Labour years in the U.K., and nearly all of it white on non-white racism.

The Greenygrey was saying that class was as important as race, but was hardly mentioned. I joked that the Prince of Brunei (exceedingly wealthy) would be considered a more worthy recipient of benefits than a white handicapped orphan to the white liberal Multicultural Fascists.

They are more ‘racist’ than the average white person – to whites and non-whites. To whites they are racist because they put everybody before them. To non-whites they are racist because they consider them as always needing help, like new younger colonialists, always looking for new recipients of their superiority.

I think my worries and claims have been proved by the racial grooming against white girls during the New Labour years having since been revealed. I think New Labour’s multicultural fascism provided the propaganda ‘shock troops’; as news has previously been described as the ‘shock troops’ of propaganda; that laid the foundation for the groomers.

The police were also apparently too scared of being seen as racist to do anything, while the social workers were probably most part of the group I described above – always blaming whites, and considering non-whites the innocent victims of history.

Where are the White Slavery Movies?

White liberals grow up with the historical belief that white people are the slavers and non-whites have been the enslaved. The media perpetuate this myth, liking clear stories of good and bad, heroes and villains.

White liberals also grow up with the belief that Hollywood and the rest of the media is racist – white or Jewish, or combination of the two.

Putting the two points above together, they don’t think: Where are the movies about the white-slave trade? because

  1. They don’t have the historical knowledge.
  2. They think Hollywood and the media is racist.

When Django Unchained came out some young white people I knew thought it was an important movie – revealing what had been hidden – fitting in with what they’d heard in rap music lyrics – what Hollywood had been hiding.

I’d seen it all before, from Roots to Cool Hand Luke to Gladiator.

I have never seen a movie that has the white slave trade as its central theme – and definitely not one where the main star is a woman. Wikipedia says the Barbary pirates captured 1.25 million slaves from Western Europe between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.


Hollywood and the British liberal media should provide a more balanced world history; such as non-white Arabs invading and enslaving Africa from the 7th century, in the century after Mohammed and the Koran; as well as parts of Europe and Asia.

Non-whites who blame everything on whites are the ones who are being racist, as they ignore the crimes of other non-whites on the basis of simplifying history by colour. By all means blame whites for the crimes they’ve done, but please do it within the context of all history.

A long time before Europeans did some deplorable things in Africa, and some Europeans had deplorable things done to them; although crimes against the Europeans were on a much smaller scale, as usually happens between colonists and invaded, with the mass  grooming of British girls and the resulting protests a modern example.

Race Debate Divide Deteriorated

It might make non-whites less hateful and racist towards white people, and make those white people more comfortable with mass immigration, not feeling they have to defend themselves all the time, while trying not to be ‘racist’.

As the Honey G controversy shows, white people can be called racist for either embracing or ignoring non-white cultures at the moment; a double-negative; with most therefore choosing to ignore.

Being a graduated doctor of philosophy, and in line with greenYgrey theory of discussing both sides, it can work the other way too of course, with a classic on immigration that they are either working too little or too much.

Anyway, I have digressed, after just starting with a small image-influenced poem!

Non-Photo Blue

nature’s sky blue,
enchanting either side
illuminating golden hue
trees synchronised swimming
under mountain living
lovely lapis lazuli
sweet cerise
celestial celeste
Herculean cerulean
reflected lake azure.


Photo shared on Google Plus from this website.

Non-photo blue is one of the shades on Wikipedia colours.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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