Political Promises and Old Reality: Trump and Corbyn… and New Beauty: Hailey Baldwin… Revolving rather than Revolting

Donald Trump is already reneging on some of his election promises, and weakening his campaigning vitriol. While most people will welcome that, his core supporters will probably be disappointed, and it does bring into question the point of campaigning: if politicians are elected on a long drawn-out campaign, then just soften or retract their promises, what is the point?

XaW Files: Beyond Politics

This is political discussion beyond political parties and biases: about political process, democracy and elections.

It’s not a call for fascism, left or right, just an observation on elections and the political process.

Political Expert Analysis and Opinion: Trump and Corbyn

Before you think… or claim… that I’m a disappointed right-wing Trump fan, I think the same was seen with the election of left-winger Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in the U.K. He was elected because he’s a maverick extremist, but then as soon as he’s leader he had to soften and conform.

Beyond that, there’s all the limitations of the party and political process, parliament or congress, Lords or House of Representatives; I write that from memory without checking if they are the right U.K. and U.S.A. combinations.

It’s probably a good thing, protecting the people from a leader turning into a dictator, but it still makes a mockery of the election system as far as I’m concerned: that the leaders who are elected will not be the leaders who serve.

Fashion Amateur Enthusiast: As Long as there are Beautiful Women

As long as there are beautiful women in the world, there is happiness and hope. It’s great to see Hailey Baldwin emerge onto the modelling scene and into the Top of the POPs charts with some great combinations of greenYgreying and PinkyOrangePurpling (her latter outfit was considered a miss on MSN news, but I vote it a winner):

Happy 20th birthday to Hailey; shame from a comedy wordplay angle that her father wasn’t David Bailey instead of Stephen Baldwin, as then she’d be Hailey Bailey; for Novemeber 22nd if she reads this.

Only another year to the goldilocks zone, and eligibility for a relationship with me (!)… written with the utmost self-parody!

Rage Against the X-Factor Machine this Christmas: definitely broken promises and fudges free:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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