American Election and Brexit Analysis

I just posted the following on Facebook about the American election, responding to my liberal Democrat supporters’ shock: I.S. created it in the world, and gangs in the country, with gun violence rising massively during Obama’s administration. Clinton having Jay Z and Beyoncé as her stars just before the vote, singing and dancing, looked a massive own goal – probably antagonising the voters who must have voted for Trump – the white working-class who feel disenfranchised, forgotten and basically being driven out – now struggling to feed their families. I write that as a liberal communications graduate, not a Trump fan at all.

Fan of Trump Women Only

The were a lot of beautiful women around Donald Trump, and I hope they can have a good influence on him. The party and political system should also limit Trump’s power, as it has Obama’s.

My worries about the Obama administration started upon his election, with his supporters out celebrating as if he was a messiah or something. Now, it is the same liberals who are out protesting, not accepting the result of this election – with placards complaining about whiteness.

Anti-Whiteness Creates White-Consciousness

We’ve just had a mixed-race president, brown in colour, for eight years, and they seem to want it for all time – like no more white ones – and they were white liberals! I remember seeing a documentary about Bette Midler, who is Jewish, where she said she grew up near the Obamas in Honolulu, Hawaii, but it was the Obamas who were the rich ones, turning around popular conceptions of the two ‘races’, greenYgrey style!

I like Obama overall, and as a liberal socialist agree with most of his policies. He’s tried to represent everybody, but seems to have particularly been with his ethnic group at times. It’s hard to avoid it.

I try to be an open-minded doctor, in line with my greenYgrey thinking, but I am more conscious of my demographic now than ever. No matter how much I write that the greenYgrey is about focusing on more things than race, the race-obsessed always bring it back to race… and it’s double-negative partner sex.

My Experiences, and Other Ethnicities

If I’m nice to those people they  make it out to be sexual, and if I’m then not nice to them as a reaction, then I’m racist! I thought including Theo Walcott as a good example of a male partner, and mixed-race Jessica Ennis as one of my favourite athletes, would convince them that it wasn’t all about race and sex, but it’s been to no avail. That’s because to those people it is all about them… and power!

I’ve had men showing off their ‘white’ women to me, as if rubbing my nose in it, and some seem to think they have a monopolistic possession of ‘white’ women, and especially blondes… just like Tiger Woods!

Welsh and Yorkshire men have been just as bad though, upper classes too; and some non-white men not bad at all, keeping me from turning really racist… I’m probably a bit more racist, or racially-aware than I was twenty years ago, but still not more than average… average for any ethnicity, with most or all people racially aware!

Some try to be so resistant to it they ‘become’ the other, as I wanted to be a Native American as a child and youth, having grown up on Westerns. During my university years I found that all the things I liked about Native Americans were also found in northern European tribal life, so it made me feel more like myself.

Moreover, when I met a Native American; who was an oldish man, and it was not sexual at all, as I think some people thought when I first mentioned it!; and showed him my Native American tattoo he objected, and said I shouldn’t have got it; as Native Americans protest against sports teams using their symbolism.

It’s those kinds of things that have made me more ‘white’ conscious; along with the rise of militant Islam in the world, which meet in the American Nation of Islam… and if it’s happening to other people too, then helps explain the Brexit and American election votes.

I write that as somebody who liked ‘black’ culture a lot before New Labour’s multicultural fascism, mass immigration and the grooming epidemic. One of the first series I remember is Roots, and I liked Different Strokes and Eddie Murphy movies in the 1980s. I often had favourite sportspeople that were black, such as Terry Connor and later Tony Yeboah; Henry Rono and Kip Keino; Marvin Hagler and Mike Tyson; with football, athletics and boxing probably my favourite sports at the time.


Kip Keino became a national hero in Kenya after winning Olympic Gold in 1972.

Before one-dimensional double-negatives accuse me of writing the above for sexual reasons, I’d like to make it clear that it has nothing to do with it. If it has any ulterior motive apart from just stating the truth, it’s me being conciliatory, in line with my greenYgrey philosophy, at a time when I could be being a ‘white triumphalist’ – to the people who’ve persecuted me because that’s the way they’ve viewed me – when, in fact, it is THEM who are the EXTREMISTS.

There doesn’t seem such uproar from east Asians about a lack of power, despite their students usually doing the best: the Chinese have been in the USA from the start of its modern ‘civilisation’, helping build the railroads, but don’t seem to have much political or media representation, despite doing well academically.

The Liberal Elite’s Forgotten People

Apparently Hillary Clinton didn’t want to know about the Native Americans protesting about oil pipelines going through their sacred lands. They are the most forgotten people, but don’t get much of a mention on British news.

The British government and liberal elite are also ignoring the Yazidi girls apparently; probably because they’re not near our country, and conveniently out of sight. Maybe Lily Allen and Gary Lineker should start campaigning for them? Those who can’t understand the Brexit and Trump votes are those who only view the world from one angle: that the liberal elite bandwagon must keep rolling, with singing and dancing pop stars like the new elixir for everything.

Unfortunately for them; and maybe for me, especially my green side; populism works both ways, as I warned them years ago. I’ve been proved right again from then, although wasn’t sure if Trump would win the election, but thought it was closer than opinion/betting suggested.

The Brexit and American Election results are because the western northern hemisphere, to remember an earlier analogy, is like a stormy sea rather than a placid lake, and like my Earth’s plates colliding Natural Disasters poetic analogy, it’s causing an eruption of human fire. To continue the volcano analogy, it seems to be rumbling; I hope it doesn’t erupt.

Beyond Humanity It Won’t Matter

Unless humanity totally destroys itself and the planet, the recent democratic election ‘revolutions’ won’t matter much in a century… just little adjustments in the societies of some countries on Earth.

I think they are anyway just after-shocks, like tremors, with the earthquake centred on the Middle-East. I think that the only way humanity will really rise above all these reactions and counter-reactions is if they agree there may be a supreme creator, and may not; and stopped fighting and squabbling about whose god is the best!

If humanity worked together to make our planet a better place, environmentally and socially, then people wouldn’t be wanting to emigrate and colonise, and the people in the northern hemisphere wouldn’t be feeling crowded, threatened and overrun. I’d rather be living in a hotter and drier place myself, but would miss the greenery and some of the culture.

If the liberal elite hadn’t frozen moderates like me out of mainstream culture, maybe my demographic wouldn’t be so angry, and our societies would be continuing to progress under their leadership. If only they could have been as diligently-hard-working and big-money-ignoring as me! Two years after they foisted Russell Brand’s Revolution on Christmas shoppers there’s been democratic political revolutions, but the opposite of what the liberal elite wanted.

Rage Against the X-Factor Machine this Christmas; don’t let Cowell and Brand’s designer babies fool you even more;  (unless Honey G wins!):

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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