The next episode of the XaW Files parody comedy book travelling Europe to an X-Files theme continues the build up to the Battle of the Bands thrilling chapter finale. Sorry if it’s keeping you waiting… like for a Guns N’ Roses concert. I wasn’t meaning to draw it out; I was just going along with the muse. I guess it’s the same for musicians who want to provide great art all the time, but when playing live I understand that ticket-payers have deadlines for transport, meetings and work. It’s one of those greenYgrey problems that has no right or wrong, and easy clear solution.

Creating Art and/versus Pleasing Crowd

As an audience member I appreciate bands being on time, such as the excellent timekeeping at this year’s Download, but also like surprises and spontaneity. Maybe Guns N’ Roses could organise their own festival, like Ozzy’s Ozfest, and have more time and freedom to play when they want?

It’s kind of how this episode went, a bit anarchic, with not much progress made, a Battle of the Bands denouement to write, as well as two more countries to visit after Romania. It mixes personal thoughts, maybe some Axl influence, along with some Black Eyed Peas musical memories comedy; coincidentally, Fergie’s son is named Axl!

I didn’t know until now, this very moment, that he is named after the Guns N’ Roses singer, as Fergie explained on the Ellen DeGeneres show, quoted on the usmagazine website… in front of a great greenYgrey background!


Chapter 4 Episode 21

Even after years of fantasy rambling there’s still a nervous anticipation when starting a new episode, somewhat like going on stage… for a Battle of the Bands contest. I have that feeling now, but it is alleviated a little by the knowledge that there are only three episodes left after this one in this chapter, and there are still two new countries to visit, so things have got to start happening fast, and there’s not a lot of time and room to travel far and deep into the mind. This episode has got to keep to the storyline; got to create the next step yes; but within the route already mapped, and not going off on a tangent down dead-end side-roads.

Moreover, I have a few lines to follow and chase; ones I thought of before writing the last episode, but which I thought were more suitable for this episode, when the Battle of the Bands will take place.

Rebelling with Myself, Evidence of Attention Deficit, or Just Book Without Plan?

No sooner had I written the above, than I found myself on Wikipedia looking up Bucharest, which took up all this morning’s writing time.

Then when I started writing the above sentence it didn’t sound right, so I searched the use of No sooner had I, and found that other writers on The Free Dictionary had felt the same way. It is considered a somewhat ambiguous and clumsy construction.

Buzzer on the Back To Go

‘Are you ready greenYgrey? It’s time to go. Dorohoi have arrived, and they are waiting for us,’ buzzed Zdob și Zdub guitarist (2005, 2008-2010), Igor Buzurniuc.

‘Yes, I am ready,’ I replied. ‘I think I have nearly written enough, although I don’t feel like I’ve written much at all; at least nothing much that I envisaged writing.’

Igor opened the door, ‘Then hurry, for I think it’s gonna be a great night,’ reminding me of Black Eyed Peas’s I Gotta Feeling, which I had to later look up, as I just had a vague tune in my head, ‘and as for your writing greenYgrey, well, maybe that is its magic, for you do not consider yourself anything more than a rambler do you.’

‘Maybe you’ve hit the nail on its head there Igor, or maybe the buzzer on its back is a more apt phrase for your name.’

Igor laughed, for he had a good sense of humour, and was humble enough to not take himself too seriously.

My conversation with Igor inspired me to put down my writing, and prepare for the Battle of the Bands, after helping me reach the finishing line for this episode.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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