Poetry and Prose, Personal Philosophy and New Comedy Wordplay Fantasy Fiction

The next episode of XaW Files mixes poetry and prose; starting with personal thoughts reminiscing about my life, society and religion; and ending with comedy wordplay travel quest storyline. The fantasy fiction uses real Bucharest place names to create a story providing a greenYgrey bridge between the travel from Transnistra and the Battle of the Bands contest that brings the chapter to a thrilling end in only a few episodes time; just like in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey… but this journey’s not half way over!

I’d updated the personal thoughts from the Google Docs file to the book, and updated it again, with this Bill and Ted passing of time collage relevant for my youth to adulthood philosophy.


Chapter 4 Episode 20

I’m talking to you
to hear myself
I’m talking to you
to make myself
I’m talking to you
to love myself
I’m talking to you
to further myself
I’m talking to you
until I bore myself.

Creating Unknown Satanic Significance (CUSS)

Sitting on a train
straddling time
a searching track
motorbike just rode
thru memory
down my back.

I remembered reading a recent report that says a child’s first 1001 days are crucial. I wonder how many I reached before being torn apart? I think it was about 666, but I can’t be sure, maybe it was 444 or 777, or any day in-between or around there?

No Cussing (will you remember this ‘No’, or the S word in the first title: I am an agnostic bordering on atheism, not believing in God or Satan)

I think devilish children are born unmarked, and are created in childhood, although some are born with a brain chemistry that makes them more vulnerable to negative decisions. They are not supernatural beasts, because there is no real Devil, just children that have had their minds ripped apart by circumstances beyond their control and understanding, so they grow up out of control and without proper social understanding, not believing in control and understanding, because it didn’t work for them when they believed in it… and the people preaching about control and understanding only seem to believe in preaching it, and not behaving it… and there’s no real society anyway…

I, greenYgrey, do not bear the mark of the beast; I am only a sometime-shapeshifted bear-beast of Marc. I thought of getting it tattooed on when younger. I didn’t think then that it may be hard to convince people it was only a tattoo, not foreseeing the New Wave Of Monotheistic Religion (NWOMR)! Moreover, I didn’t imagine the betrayal and selective memories of some of the people I knew then, and thought were BFs!

So for those who think they are big rebels rebelling against this white middle-aged man, when I was your age or younger, I was thinking of getting a 666 on my head to freak out the ‘straights’, in line with my Metal/Biker identity at the time.

That isn’t a message to you that you should up your rebellion, and it’s not a challenge or put down to you. It’s just the truth, and more a message of beware of what you do today, because you might just live long enough, and change circumstances/identities/lives to regret it!

If I was a full-time writer now I probably wouldn’t regret it much if I had it. It’s just awkward, as the tattoos on my arms have been awkward at times when travelling and working abroad, such as having to wear long-sleeved shirts in hot humid weather. A 666 tattoo would probably have meant I couldn’t do those jobs, if it was visible.

Buck a Rest Test in Bucharest

We were camped in Bucharest’s Voluntari district, so I wasn’t surprised when Suvorov asked for a volunteer to return to Urziceni to pick up a crate of Uzis sent down there from Topliceni.


I thought Buck was the obvious and best candidate for the mission, but he was resting nicely, grazing on a lush patch of grass at the end of Strada Barsei.

So I asked them to hold on a minute while I asked Buck if he fancied a long journey to carry a heavy load of machine guns for the Battle of the Bands.

Buck’s Truck Guitar Trick

Buck seemed to motion his head back and forth, as if saying neigh, before neighing.

I felt a little disappointed, closed my eyes, and lifted my head to the sky. However, then I felt a tug at my fur, and saw that Buck was motioning me to follow, like a true animal star hero, reminding me of the collie collier twins classic story at the start of Grey’s epic fantasy ramble Werewolf of Oz.

Buck took me to a truck, and motioned me to get in the driver’s seat. I did this, and after setting off, Buck directed me to a musical instruments warehouse that was giving away its wares (not weres unfortunately, as we could have done with more recruits! However, in line with greenYgrey theory, there was a positive side too, because it was not wheres either, as we didn’t have time to be giving out lots of directions).

So we loaded up Buck’s truck, and took the instruments back to the others in Voluntari.  Suvorov was delighted, and said he thought we now had all we needed for the Zdob și Zdub and Dorohoi alliance to defeat the New York Dolhascas in Bill and Ted’s Apocalypse Now Battle of the Bands.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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