Travel Quest Comedy Mixes Military Hero and Comic Strip Characters

The latest episode of XaW Files, the book ignored by the Man/Machine; as the dictionaries ignore the self-proclaimed genius greenYgreyisms, with POPolution and POPolutionaries the latest two; includes an imagined conversation with Alexander Suvorov, including more writing theory, and a Perishers comic-strip recollection from Werewolf of Oz; the second book of the trilogy, and probably second best too; creating a little comedy again. The episode also remembers the first chapter of this book, travelling Russia, with a link.

Suvorov So What?

I doubt many of you have heard of Suvorov, as I hadn’t, highlighting how all regions of the world have their military heroes, and most people in other regions haven’t heard of most of them. It’s the same with religions.

The inclusion of Suvorov is ambivalent, although I expect his one-dimensional double-negative supporters to object on the grounds of demeaning a military hero, while his one-dimensional double-negative opponents will object to the undefeated General’s promotion!

Chapter 4 Episode 18

‘Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov I presume.’

‘Ah, greenYgrey, please call me Alexander. I have been expecting you. What took you so long?’

‘Thanks Alexander, please call me greeny. What kept me? Well, I guess I have been rambling on a bit, and not always in the right direction.’

‘Yes, I have noticed, I am from Novgorod you know.’

‘Yes, I do know Alexander; I read it on Wikipedia. I looked you up to help our rambling campaign in Romania. Novgorod seems to be a recurring theme in this ramble, ironically with its biggest influence being Maxim Gorky’s thoughts on how a writer should learn whether they are creating a character or plot driven story. When I saw your Novgorod origins I realised you have a much bigger part in this whole story, or at least the eastern half, for I know not what awaits in the western half, although it does increasingly look as if a plot is building.’

‘Yes, none of us know for sure what the future holds, but one thing I do know, is that I, Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, will be proud to enter your rambling campaign in Romania, to help in this little plot at least, and to hopefully have some significance for the building of a bigger plot.’

Suvorov’s Sayings

‘I’m afraid I’ve not had time to read your The Science of Victory military manual Alexander, but I have read some of your sayings on Wikipedia. I like one in particular. Love is lost in Romania at the moment, but I think it would love it, and it has given me an idea for rescuing it.’

‘Oh, is it my What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle saying?’

‘No, I quite like that one, but I was thinking more of Perish yourself but rescue your comrade! You see, as a greenYgrey I can shapeshift to the point of dividing myself into many. My grey part met The Perishers on its epic journey across Oz, so I was thinking I could divide shapeshift into The Perishers, and that would help us rescue Love, in line with your Perish yourself but rescue your comrade! saying.’


‘Ha greeny, I think you are an expert in rambling, but not in military matters. I think you will be more use to us as you are, rather than as a Perisher… or even many Perishers. I think a more relevant saying of mine for our campaign ahead is Achieve victory not by numbers, but by knowing how.
So please stay together
intrepid explorer
for I think it is time
to leaving Moldova
and travel to Romania.’


Opening line inspired by Henry Morton Stanley’s alleged opening words upon meeting Dr. David Livingstone:

Alexander Suvorov reminded me of Aleksandr Orlov, thinking he could have been the inspiration, but that led me to lots of actual Alexander Orlovs:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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