How the Media Help Create Weather and Spirituality Beliefs

As high pressure takes over from low in Blighty, it’s nice to see the sun out, and some stars brightening up the night last night.

Is it days like these (reminding me of Elbow’s One Day Like This)…

…which includes some great greenYgreying if that bloke twiddling the sign would get out of the way! (parody humour… about a white male like me I may add, in case some may think I don’t do enough of that… or those that don’t think I’m a white male… he is of the younger generation though, who might think they are entirely different/separate to me… as I did about the older generation when I was young!)

No, I was going to say, is it days like these that make people think Blighty’s sunnier than it is – with one clear day a week much more memorable than the cloudy average ones – as a day/night out is remembered much more than a week at work.

Fictional Media Film Best Light

Or is it the media and travel companies, which usually film and take photos when the weather is nice, or when the light is best – the former for storylines that fit it, such as ones set in countryside summers.

Of course, usually they are just doing it for the best cinematography, rather than with the viewer’s perceptions of weather in mind. All countries take an interest in it, as tourism can be boosted by popular films and series.

I remember Crocodile Dundee creating an interest in Australia, followed by the movie Australia itself; maybe my Werewolf of Oz was the third? It might have put some places on the map, metaphorically of course, because I found them because they were on the map!

werewolf of oz

Fictional Media Maintain the Supernatural

I was also thinking that Hollywood probably helps maintain a belief in the supernatural around the world, with the spiritual often featured in horror and thriller movies; and even in others, such as romance and comedy. People might forget that the U.S.A. is still very religious compared to northern Europe.

For people who don’t go to religious places of worship in the U.K., the media is probably the biggest developer of spirituality. Would people grow up thinking about ghosts, poltergeists and witches if they weren’t included in stories? The American media is also the chief producer of alien stories too of course, which are like space supernaturals.

I don’t think those that grow up in isolation; such as being brought up by animals; believe in them. There’s probably a lot of research out there that I haven’t read.

The stories are all pretty harmless entertainment now, as well as enriching our creativity. All countries and cultures have their own folk tales and media productions, and are shaped in some way by them. Whether its weather or spirituality, fictional media can enrich our lives with the best images and stories, but can also create false views of reality.

My Thoughts Entirely

I don’t discount the spiritual or the alien, as I think humanity still doesn’t know that much about itself or its world, in the infancy of its space exploration, and with evidence of its past probably still mostly buried and unfound.

Humanity wasn’t around for most of space time anyway, so it can only theorise about what went on before, and what will happen in the future. It can shape its future to some extent, on this planet that we know quite well now.

Humanity Could be a Success

Humanity could call itself a success now if it stopped warring and destroying the planet, and worked together to protect and enrich the world we live in.

Our species has become the top animal – can it rise higher – to where the religious believe it should be – beyond humanity!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

There’s More

My route to the book in this blog post was totally unplanned, and just seemed to fit at the end, topically and poetically. It’s not that spooky though, as it’s probably always at the back of my mind on this website.


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