POP-olution Population People Praise P4 B4 Travel Quest UnArt Episode

I thought I’d start with the above title and video as the next episode of XaW Files is a totally introspective one, not moving the travel quest on at all. In this way it follows the true art ethos, as discussed previously in the literary world where some of the best books are those considered wordy, with nothing much happening; or in the art world from Duchamps to Warhol and modern art, and music from hippie to punk.

Could I call it UnArt… and be original… no time to check now!

Travel Quest Genre

The travel quest genre was discussed in the second part of Andrew Marr’s trilogy series on books, available in the UK from the above link; I don’t know if the rest of the world can find it somewhere?

I knew most of it already, and used it to create the greenYgrey world, which falls into the category of being based on the real. My trilogy of books are original and unique because they use web maps, mostly google, to travel on the quest.

Autumn / Fall Writing

This episode was written in October, and after a little post-first-publishing thinking I realised it was two years ago, with the first half of the book’s writing slow, as I was blogging a lot for you greenYgreyliens, AAW-WOWers and pre-POPolutionaries!

It discusses creative writing epiphanies, which sometimes come in threes… and sometimes don’t!

Coincidence or signs are included through the rainbow prism.

Seeing green grass as more yellow since the rising of the greenygrey Y shows how you can see things more or clearer when you are looking for them, and not just looking around without prompting.

I have proposed what is often called luminous or neon green; although the latter has a nice poetic ring to it, maybe it could be shortened to greon?; in its ever-increasing sporting popularity, should be called greenY… partly after me!

Noticing What You Are Told is There

Autumn is prime greenygrey time. I saw Britain’s greenYgreyness after looking closely, waiting for and wanting blue skies. Some people have tried to blame me for turning the skies grey, but I was just the observer, not the creator!

There were some long periods of Autumn rain in the early 2000s that helped form the greenygrey concept: the 2000 Autumn, for example, as featured on Wikipedia. When I left Wales in 1987 one of the main reasons was for more sunshine. In West Yorkshire, writers from the Brontes to Simon Armitage (Walking Home) have not described the weather looking through rose-tinted glasses.

Home in Yorkshire

I once described Armitage as the second-best poet in Yorkshire.

After reading Walking Home… a poetic memoir account of walking the Pennine Way as a troubadour…

Armitage has consolidated that position.

I never said I was the first! It could be Ian McMillan?… or even a woman? (parody humour).

Human History and Biology

The episode ends with some thoughts I’d just had about how people recalling historic events they seemingly shouldn’t have known anything about could be past lives memories passed through to us in DNA, as animals have an instant survival instinct when born.

Funnily enough, I recently saw Joe Strummer say similar in a biopic film about him. I was never a big Clash fan, but knew of them, and quite liked some of their songs.

Chapter 4 Episode 17

Once mostly inspired by other writers and poets, I have my own voice now: self-a-were. My own little world, not completely independent of outside influence, but mostly self-sufficient.

Rainbow Pots of Gold

If rainbows are perfect
symbols of sky
does that mean
mother nature flies high

I was inspired by the thought that Chapter 3 Episode 8, rich in natural imagery, was now being published in the greenYgrey world.

If I told you I wrote the above in the morning and saw a rainbow on my first run in eight days later that day would you believe me? If it helps you believe, there were no women there, just a couple of males around about where the rainbow may land.

That landing point was the one nearest to me, not the farthest end, where there’s supposed to be a pot of gold. I could see the farthest side clearer than the closest, but could see no pot of gold.

Although, thinking about it, there was grass and trees there, which are a form of greenYgrey gold. Since our Y rebranding I’ve noticed how yellow the grass can look in sunlight, while tree leaves are now turning yellow, in this October time of editing.

Moreover, thinking metaphorically, maybe I did see my personal pots of gold at the end of the rainbow: my mind being inspired by the scene to think creatively, resulting in these thoughts and words.

Rain after Rainbow and Rest

I felt refreshed, and eager to continue my XaW Files journey.

It wasn’t just the rainbow
that brightened me though
it was a day’s rest
from my Transylvanian test
and now I had thought more…

All our ancestors are in our minds and bodies, if evolution theory and modern science are correct. Animals are born with ‘instinct to survive’ DNA, so I think they are also born with ‘instinct to remember’ DNA.

Maybe that’s where evidence of remembering past lives or experiences comes from: little strands of historical memory passed into our bodies from the past, to be carried by us, and passed into the future.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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