Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 4 of 7

The third of the six artists featured in Forest, Field and Sky: Art Out of Nature was Julie Brook. She impressively lived for two years in a cave on Jura, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, U.K. Returning twenty-five years later, Brook’s art shown in the documentary was also as industrious as it was wondrous.

Brook built a firestack on the west side of Lewis, with north Harris just on its edge, timing it so the fire would burn to time with the setting sun (my little piece of rhyming eloquent words). Brook spent five days building that stack, and ten days building others to research the tides, working in all kinds of weather, and often within the cold sea.

Julie Brook not Sexy in Documentary

I’d like to ignore that fact that she was the only woman in the documentary, but those who are only interested in sex (and race) will be looking for interest.

Like my time in postgraduate university, and work since university, I’ve been trying to act like a Doctor of Philosophy: a respectable one. I related to what Todd Rundgren said in a recent interview about John Lennon on Classic Rock; that his wild ways limited his impact as a revolutionary: ‘but the context was to do with his credibility as a revolutionary. John’s antics were fairly well-publicised at the time. He was going out every night and getting drunk…’

That’s what I thought about Russell Brand, and it seems to have proven true.

I am an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary anyway; from greenYgreyvolution to POPolution. I try to be a good Doctor of Philosophy because I’m the only one of my demographic I know of; but there might be others who’ve evolved into middle or upper classes more than me.

I’m not against sex, just unethical sex, such as grooming and rape. If people want to have wild hedonistic sex that’s fine with me, but I think they should know what they are doing and the risks involved. I know I’m writing this as a middle-aged man, and don’t expect the young to pay much attention. I certainly didn’t want to hear any advice when I was young; not any that would limit or control me anyway.

My celibacy has gone too far now I know, and I don’t even think I’ll meet the right woman; admittedly, she is a much younger woman, slim and beautiful, with an intelligent feminine personality and good sense of humour… and as I’m still quite poor she shouldn’t care about money and materialism! A successful model, actress, television personality or singer would be ideal! A CEO of a big company would probably be next best!

I know my critics and enemies just use it against me, hiding its moralistic virtue, making out I’m just unsuccessful or don’t like women! Am I the last great chivalric Romantic?

Most of my homophobic critics, like my ex-friends and colleagues, are really much wimpier than me. I’m trying to be more like them, to fit into metrosexual society. They think they’re really macho by using and abusing women, when really they are just trying to impress each other; women are just tools for their man love.

At heart, I’m partly a violent warrior, perhaps possessing the psychopathic warrior gene. I tried to feminise myself to fit into their liberal middle-class society at first, although also influenced by the rave/clubbing culture I joined.

Now, after the years of increasing grooming and rape it’s more about being sick of the nature of men, although the more I try and look for salvation in women the more I want to return to men, or just escape humanity, inspiring the sub-heading of XaW Files during its writing. However, I know I set the bar too high for women, hoping for the heavenly angelic, in a world that is no paradise – not within human society anyway!


This blog post continues below this exclusive advert for a unique book containing a self-proclaimed genius new concept of travelling by Google Maps, with lots of wonderful European nature and environmental animal welfare messages inside. It would make an ideal Christmas present for those you love who love the natural planet:

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If I found a heavenly angel would society leave us alone… leave her alone… I don’t think so! So, at the back of my mind, that is also there, partly inspired by past experience, and partly by factual and fictional stories, such as in the movie From Hell. Yes, I know that the heroine of that film was a prostitute, but like the Depp character, think that everyone can have a good spirit, and that status is no defining factor; as shown by the Ripper of the fictional film being a high-ranking freemason.

New Labour’s Missed Opportunity

While I hoped to unite the country more; creating a clean air country with fair employment opportunities, with green representing my environmental side, and grey my working-class background, with the Greenygrey emerging in the New Labour years, when there still seemed an opportunity for a good modern society; society seems to have divided more than ever.

The battle for the working-class vote looks like being fought between Labour, which has been hijacked by the far left, and UKIP, which doesn’t want to discuss things like climate change.

New Labour should have created a just and fair society first, and then allowed as much immigration as needed. Instead, it just created a state of anarchy; my stormy seas creating political earthquakes prediction/prophecy; spent all the money, and left it to the Conservatives to sort out. And now Blair seems to be thinking of returning.

Never mind putting him on trial for Iraq, he should be put on trial for what he did to Britain; especially the grooming epidemic, and neglecting the working-class that Labour traditionally protect and support.

Artistic Words Pure Love

Anyway, I have digressed. What I’m trying to say is that Julie Brook is an admirable woman, and not unattractive: I’m just trying to focus on the art. She looks like she could scrub up well, and I’m sure something would have happened in the cave if I’d visited during her two years there, if she’d wanted it.

That’s partly because while writing that Fox’s narration sounded like art in the last post of this series I thought that my multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-gender critics and enemies might use my words (in a homophobic way?) to call me gay!

This blog post and series are all about the nature art included in the documentary, which I consider quite spiritual, in line with Britain’s original ‘religions’. As I’ve written before, I’m a little bit of a neo-pagan, believing in appreciating and respecting nature, rather than thinking any praying or rituals will change anything.

Loved Julie Brook’s Pure Nature Words

I included the above words out of respect for Julie Brook, her art and words; although I guess some women will make me out to be sexist in some way, and some men will make me out to be gay.

Maybe my need to explain was really inspired by Brook’s words without knowing it, only realising after listening to it again to transcribe it here. It’s not word for word, but essentially Brook said:

‘The first time I built a firestack felt so absolutely true, I felt that I was connecting with something incredibly ancient, without specifically knowing what that was. That connection with nature, something other people around the world still have very strongly, is a very profound thing… and it’s something about the purity of that.’

Brook continues to cite the fishing people of the area as being the prime example, which brings me around to the great schism at the heart of the greenygrey: my vegetarian greenism and my working-class background. Although I don’t eat fish, I respect the difficulty of the industry, and its place in nature. I wish the seas were still full of fish, as they were in America in the early days of colonialism, but unfortunately those days of natural paradise are long gone.

Sorry to any homophic conspiracy theorists, but Fox returns with some more magical words to end the sequence: ‘… as the sun begins to set, the fire’s reflections dance on the sea like liquid gold, for a few perfect moments the elements are in perfect balance, and the result is spellbinding.’


Forest, Field and Sky: Art Out of Nature is available in the U.K. for another couple of weeks;  don’t know about availability elsewhere.

X-Files Parody Better Christmas Present than Almost Anything

After mentioning it is the century anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain readymade next year, I can now announce that we reached the century of XaW Files episodes in their serialisation last time, and this time we reach the half-way point in the 202 episodes.

This is also the first blog post of me in a new age of being Living Art History, rather than just Living History.

X-Files Inspiration

For those new to the blog and book, it was structured around the X-Files series and episodes up to its writing, which preceded the new series that followed this book. I don’t know if this book inspired the new X-Files series, but it’s a big coincidence otherwise. The truth is out there..!

There are the exact amount of XaW Files episodes within each chapter, and chapters within the book, as there were X-Files episodes within the series, and series within the franchise.

Thematically, the book is an X-Files parody, so uses the X-Files idea without taking it too seriously, and doesn’t follow the series much at all. A few of the characters feature, while the greenYgrey protagonist could be consider a combination of Mulder and Scully; or scullYmulder greenYgrey style.

Time for Love 

I mentioned the above after reading Love setting it out in the book, self-proclaimed cleverly showing the reader, rather than telling them, in line with good writing practise I learnt from a decade of creative writing research.

I tell you here because most casual readers won’t know about it, as I don’t know much about other industries. If you want to race ahead of my introductions, please read all the book now.

There’s still time to Rage Against the X-Factor (especially now Honey G is out!) Machine big corporate publishers, and put XaW Files at the top of the best sellers charts for Christmas!

Not that I’m necessarily against big publishers, and think they do a good job most of the time. I am especially open to offers by Penguin, after Grey learnt to speak Penguinese in the Werewolf of Oz epic ramble across Australia with the little penguins of Kangaroo Island; it was the second of the new concept of fantasy travel by Google Maps, and probably the second best.

penguins  werewolf of oz

Chapter 5 Episode 4

‘I love rambling with you,’ said Love, ‘but could I just offer one suggestion for this chapter.’

‘Yes, of course Love,’ I replied, ‘I know this is your first ramble, but I value your opinion and like to be as democratic as possible.’

‘Well, I was thinking that you could try and keep to time this chapter, to show you can do it,’ continued Love, ‘it’s been fun to travel freely, not worrying much about time until the end of the chapters, and then the mad rush to finish is quite exhilarating, but maybe this time, just this once, we could try and keep to the 2.85 episodes per country that this chapter’s seven countries in twenty episodes averages.’

‘I think you’re on to something there Love,’ I replied, ‘and this is quite a pivotal chapter, being the fifth of nine, the middle one, like the Y of greenYgrey, only even more central. Moreover, come to think about it, after a little while I must admit, I do believe this is the actual middle episode of the 202, with 97 in the first four chapters, and this being the fourth of this one, that makes it the 101st episode. If I can get this one right, then I can justify my lacklustre timekeeping in the previous chapters, and relax about it for the second half of this third and final ramble.’

Shouting Searching to Stella Space

‘No problem, I’m not just a pretty face you know. Maybe we could try and tell Stella our plans. Greece is just over there,’ said Love pointing.

‘That’s a good idea Love,’ I replied, ‘let’s have a look at Google Maps to see where we could plan to meet.’

So we looked at Google Maps, and decided a perfect place we could meet was Kumanovo in the north of Macedonia, giving us all a chance to see Macedonia before we’re due to leave in Episode 6.


Then we trekked to the south-eastern shore, standing outside the Ruined Church, and shouted to Stella: ‘Come on over to Kumanovo, we’re hoping to be there in two episodes time, with two the sum of seven from nine, which is how many chapters there are in this ramble, but we’re not travelling forward to Chapter 9 and then taking seven away, to go back to Chapter 2, although the Baltic States were lovely and bring back fond memories, we’re just hoping to be in Kumanovo in two episodes.’

Stranger on the Shore

Sitting in the sun relaxing with snakes. They’d welcomed us with open coils. They said they knew they had a bad reputation in the werewolf world, but were okay when left alone. Now they had this island to themselves they were no trouble to anyone.

Then we saw a rowing boat approaching from the east, and I thought it might be Stella, having made the journey in interstellar time. However, my hopes were dashed when I saw it was a male form on closer inspection.

One snake who’d introduced himself as Sid started hissing, which sounded rather ominous. I asked him why he was hissing. Sid stopped hissing for long enough to tell me it was Hitar Petar on the boat, and he was known for being as wily as Wil E. Coyote.


Hissing Sid was a character in Jeremy Lloyd’s Captain Beaky books.
Hitar Petar:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 3 of 7

The second nature artist featured in Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature was Andy Goldsworthy in Cumbria. Goldsworthy creates artistic dry stone walls in his spare time from working as a sheep farmer.

Nature Art: Dry Stone Walling

The first dry stone walls featured were still in use: impressive long walls with artistic features included. They included great greenYgreyness combining grey stone in green fields with sunshine adding the Y(ellow).

However, it was the building of a dry stone wall into the hollow of a dead oak tree that captured the true beauty of greenYgrey art in the British countryside: combining classic greenygrey stones and trees.

More Time, Greater Art

I had completed the blog post and was ready to publish, thinking I’d spent enough time on it, for I don’t know how appreciated it is, and don’t think it has any financial value. It is always nice to receive views and likes, but there are many blogs that receive more for less.

While the first and third images capture the melting of greenygrey into one another, like natural ancient lovers so comfortable with one another, I write to the tone of Fox’s eloquent narration and background music, which is like art itself, it was the second image that really interested me.

The second image has two halves contrasting each other, with Goldsworthy and four trees on one side, and just a Y shaped greenygrey tree in the other, with the near side mostly green and the far side mostly grey.

Tree Wall

While the tree wall looked great as high as it was, it didn’t reach the heights of Goldsworthy’s ambition. He tried it twice, with a few months between the attempts, but didn’t quite achieve his ultimate aim.

The art was only meant as an ephemeral fleeting work; just a little human cultural construction nestled within the big beauty of nature.

Although Goldsworthy wasn’t happy with his tree wall, it made it onto the BBC, and now, perhaps more impressively, because of its exclusivity, it has become a greenYgrey3 readYmade.

2017: Art’s Year of the greenYgrey readYmade

When I published my first book, a memoir of my first travel adventure around Europe emulating my travel writing hero Jack Kerouac, with more than a hint of self-parody I declared myself Living History.

Now, a decade of greenYgrey art later, I upgrade my self-parody and myself to Living Art History.

Marcel Duchamp Fountain Anniversary

In 1917 Marcel Duchamp created his most famous readymade: a toilet turned into fountain. In 2004 it was voted the most influential artwork of the 20th century by 500 selected British art world professionals.


Next year is the century anniversary. Has the idea of a greenYgrey readYmade been sent by the muse to commemorate it? And will a greenYgrey readYmade be the most influential artwork of the twenty-first century?

Ed Balls and Honey G are out of Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor in the U.K., but the people’s doctor is still in the running for my neverending fantasy reality show…

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Animal and Child Cruelty Links in Wordplay Comedy Episode

This chapter keeps to time, with the episodes divided almost exactly between the countries featured. I thought it was a good chapter to do it in, as the Balkans has had a lot of fighting over land in its medieval and recent history, so this chapter shares its time; with time perhaps symbolising land in that way.

Animal and Child Cruelty

It also has an anti-fur clothing message. It may inspire some people to buy some in ‘rebellion’, as some people consider any act of rebellion cool, such as middle-aged people in responsibility grooming young people!

If you buy fur or groom youngsters you’re not rebelling against me, you are just acting like a sadistic psychopath, only caring about yourself, and not the cruelty, pain and suffering you cause.


If young people want the relationship, such as fans of rock stars, then it’s up to them. There are also some young people who do it for their careers or lifestyle, or just to be a sadistic psychopath themselves, as that trait isn’t related to age.

My main sympathy is with those who are totally groomed to do something they don’t really want to do, especially those in care who might not have had proper love, making them particularly ‘weak’ and ‘vulnerable’.

Status Creates Difference Superiority Illusion

In a recent documentary I saw them called the ‘lowest of the low’ by a woman of their demographic, except she’d become the girlfriend of one of those controlling the ‘lowest’.

A footballer describing how he was groomed by someone saying ‘he did want to be a footballer didn’t he’ made me think of my time in academia, and how my student colleague/rival had a rapid ascent after sleeping with the Head of Department, and expert in our field. Did he groom her with a similar offer?

I must admit, I am as much bitter about my own academic demise there as much as sympathy for her. It’s the same lesser sympathy for any of those who are groomed partially by choice, and who then complain when it comes to an end; and especially if they then sue, such as some people do when work for big companies comes to an end.

Comedy Explained

Returning to the XaW Files story, this chapter keeping to time also has a comedy reason, as comedy is more valuable when the comedian can do what they’re pretending they can’t do, for comedy effect, such as Tommy Cooper did with magic. Not that I didn’t keep to time in the other chapters to set up this chapter, they just happened that way.

This episode is quite a simple comedy wordplay travel break, leaving Albania to Macedonia. Just before leaving, I’d just like to add that a paragraph heading in the first episode had been changed to ‘Scrabblemania in Albania’ in the first episode of the chapter by the time the book was published.

I treated Albania as a secular socialist country, not a religious one, as the dominant religion in the country’s ‘prophet’ apparently had a 6-year-old bride, consummated at 9! For balance, greenYgrey style, British and European royalty also had such practises at that time.

It is still common in the ‘developing world’, and the new Islamic government/dictatorship in Turkey is trying to bring it back there, on Europe’s border, as well as threatening to send millions more Muslims north.

There has been child abuse in other religions too, and most other organisations where there are adults and children, as shown by the media and football cases. Britain is hopefully coming to terms with this now. However, the New Wave of Monotheistic Religion (NWOMR) risks taking it back decades or centuries, and back under the covers of religious institutions, dogma and secrecy.

If the British establishment is really sorry about all the child abuse it allowed, then it should stop advocating and popularising a religion with child abuse in its origins. It is an affront to modern decency, and makes a mockery of all their public apologies – although the historic abuse inquiry’s failings also suggests they are not really sorry.

XaW Files: Chapter 5 Episode 3

Finding Love again was fantastic, but we didn’t have time to dwell on our reunion celebration. I had to remember that this chapter is much shorter than the previous ones, there are seven countries to cover, and it’d been a rush at the end of the last chapter to include five countries.

Leaving Vlore to Explore

We had time to catch up some more once we got On The Road; and that of course reminded us of Jack and Mary. We hoped they were doing okay, werever (sic) they were.

Love also told me Stella had  been wounded at The Oldies battle. They hit her with the news that Karl Lagerfeld has signed up with fur-specialist brand Fendi, making her disown his connotation  from her name. She now thinks of Lager only in terms of beer.

It was a bit of a shock to start with, but Stella was beering (sic) up well.

Love said it had been worried about me when it saw me sent flying out of Vlore, and it thought it might not see me again in Albania.

I told Love I hit the Gjirokastër ground running, and was thinking of it as soon as my paws hit the floor.

Through Fier With Fire not Fear

Maybe my Gjirokastër account got us going, because we picked up some steam, and my feet felt like they were on fire through Fier. We kept up the pace, and my feet felt on fire again in Fier-Shegan. The feeling upgraded to fierce in Fierze.

Taking a break to let our feet and paws cool off, we got some go-slow-time in Gostime. We checked Google Maps, remembering we had on average just under three episodes for each country in this chapter.

Love suggested we could cross into Macedonia before the end of this episode to get us back on schedule. A couple of lakes didn’t look far away, in the south of each country. Lake Ohrid looked horrid for some reason.

It’s southern neighbour Lake Prespa looked impressive to me, but that might be because it is full of greenYgrey relevance, being the border of three countries: Albania, Macedonia and Greece.


G-Force Snake Island Course

We crossed the border at Lake Ohrid, which was really nice in reality, and especially once we travelled deep into the Galicica national park. It had great greenYgrey scenery, and an interesting three double letters name.

We crossed overland to Lake Prespas, gradually gradiating down to Golem Grad, drawn to it like a G-force magnet. However, I only found out when we reached there that it is also known as Snake Island. Moreover, it’s not because of its shape, but because it’s really full of snakes!



Karl Lagerfeld article
Galicica national park:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 2 of 7

The first of six natural art works featured in Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature was Ash Dome in Snowdonia. Ash Dome contains 22 ash trees making a perfect circle 30 feet wide. It was created by David Nash 40 years ago, and has been tended by him ever since.

Natural Art Readymade

Incorporating Marcel Duchamp’s readymade art; found by me through the greenYgrey’s epic XaW Files travel quest Euro ramble; into greenYgrey readYmade art, here’s a great greenYgrey art image. The ash circle is here seen in the background, between two grey trees in the foreground.


While it may seem artless to use a century-old artistic idea and somebody else’s forty-year-old natural art design, the screen print was chosen at the ideal greenYgrey time to capture the maximum amount of greenYgreyness.

Real New Art

As Duchamp turned a toilet into a fountain, I have turned a television documentary fleeting moment into a still image ideally capturing the best angle for the most greenYgreyness.

That makes the image into a greenYgrey art original, as traditional artists only usually capture an impression of a real scene; the real original image.

The Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature documentary itself was the first readymade artistic medium. That programme created a nature documentary out of what artworks it chose, as a painter chooses what to include on canvas.

I have chosen the above image to feature here. That was my original. Of course, it can be adapted into lots of different artistic images, such as one with only the nature included in the image.


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Comedy Wordplay Euro Trip Helping Mental Health Message with Love

The next episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity stars comedy wordplay centred on searching for Love the mixed-up vole in Vlore, Albania. I just looked up a Love the mixed-up vole photo, having originally written love in green letters on a vole image, but found the one below first. I just saw it is titled From Dawn Till Dusk, after recently posting the XaW Files episode containing the From Dusk Till Dawn movie.


Children in Need’s big day was also last Friday. Respect to all the heroes and heroines that collected for it, and those who donated. You can still donate at BBC Children in Need.

Euro Trip Comedy

The classic comedy gold episode takes place in the southern Albanian county of Vlore, which has the anagrammatic ingredient letters to make Love feel at home. It also references the very relevant U2 song Street Without Names, and a couple of classic characters, vaguely based on Ant n’ Dec of I’m A Celebrity fame, using wordplay with the word decorum and the Greek god Dionysus, from Grey’s epic solo ramble round Australia: Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

werewolf of oz

Chapter 5 Episode 2

I don’t want to be a bore
so this episode is about
looking for Love in Vlore
but first I have a doubt
about travelling to the shore
or the mountains around Kotë
Lumi Flores Valley like a door
into the hometown of Josef Kote.


Looking for Love in Vlore

‘r you looking for loVe,’ asked a painter sitting in Vlore’s harbour area.

‘r that be right,’ I replied, sounding somewhat like a traditional pirate, and reminding me of our adventures with Pirate Lacost, Captain Dec O’ Rum and Dai on the Seas in a classic story from Grey’s epic Werewolf of Oz journey, when we were reunited for the only time of that Middle-Time for our trite trilogy.

The painter also sounded like a pirate when responding: ‘r do believe I saw a mixed-up vole of that name pass this way just an hour ago. It asked if I’d seen any Rs around, because it said it thought it would be able to fit into Vlore then.’

I thanked the painter, and complimented his painting, which included colours that made me feel at home.

Where the Streets Change Names

I walked down what looked like Rruga Mis Durhan on Google Maps, but thought the street sign said uRrga Mis Durhan now. So I asked Mis Durhan if I was where I thought I was.


Mis Durhan said I was in the right place, and this wasn’t a Street Without Names; rather, it was a Street with Easily Changeable Names.

I thanked her and said I was sorry to bother her, but I was looking for my mixed-up vole friend. Her reply worried me.

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘actually, that is the reason why I changed my name today. A vole sounding like your friend asked me if I could spare one of my Rs, as it needed one to feel at home in Vlore. So I brought my exposed first two Rr letters into the middle of my first name, where I feel they are safe, like the r in my third name. ’

‘Oh, I’m sorry about that Mis Durhan,’ I replied, ‘but I’m sure Love wouldn’t steal one of your Rs. I think it’s just feeling a little lost and lonely, and there are no Rs in them.’

Finding Love in Vlore

I had a similar experience in Rruga Vasil Puka, which was uga VRasil Pruka when I arrived. I tried to assure Vasil that Love was no threat, and he did seem to relax, saying Love had headed in the direction of Rruga Andrea Vorfi.

‘Love,’ I shouted, startling poor Andrea, who was already looking quite worried, clasping her Rr letters as if for dear life.

‘greenYgrey,’ Love volley returned, ‘you’re all I need to feel complete again.’

Love seemed to forget all about being an Rrshole in a city full of Rs, and ran down Rruga Andrea Vorfi without paying any more attention to her Rrs.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 1 of 7

I was going to post this yesterday, but after watching Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature again I was too overwhelmed by its relevance to greenYgrey art to post. I needed time to think and absorb. I knew it was too big and important for one blog post: too much for me to include, and too much to expect you to absorb and appreciate in a massive blog post.

Introducing a Game Changer for greenYgreying Art?

Although I knew I was creating art when I started the Greenygrey more than a decade ago, I didn’t really know its place in art history. After James Fox recently explained  conceptual art, with lots of information about where greenYgreying fits in within the art world, he returned with another cracker this week looking at nature; although I noticed it was first shown in May, and I must have missed it then.

Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature was split into six sections: forest, fields, coast, path, garden and sky. So I thought I’d do it justice, and have a blog post for each, along with this introduction.

That will be seven blog posts, escaping CUSSing (Creating Unnecessary Satanic Significance). I think that’s important, because a lot of people associate nature with negativity, when if there is a god or gods, it is surely god’s greatest gift, and its most majestic handiwork. As Charles Jencks says in the documentary, humanity is a part of that nature.

Introduction and End Credits Photo Frames

The documentary includes lots of examples of greenYgreying nature art, as well as many insights into the thoughts and work of the artists, and what actually constitutes art. Hopefully, it will be both entertaining for great greenYgreyliens, and explain me and my art to sceptics.

In this introduction I include a couple of photos from the beginning and end: both including great greenYgreying of different types – from different camera viewpoints and inclusion of humanity – but my stars are of the same greenYgrey nature. The next six, interspersed with XaW Files episodes, will include the independent sections.


My Artistic Achievements in Context

The culmination of my decade-long greenYgreying art was the massive construction big book  XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. While non-artists may think it weird, some of the artists in the documentary have been doing projects for decades, of the most abstract kind, and without any audience!

While it frustrates me when negative people don’t ‘get me’, I suppose it is a backhanded compliment really: if people ‘got me’ straight away it would make me look less of a self-proclaimed genius! And it’s the same if they think I’m on drugs for my athletic achievements!!

However, unfortunately, I know there are lots of artists, writers and athletes out there who are just as good or better than me in some or all ways. I think I have done well against the odds to achieve what I have though, with my books the peaks of my artistic creativity.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.