Halloween Fashion Sensational News: POP-olution Emerging from greenYgreyvolution Shadowlands?

As the greenYgrey world could be described as being in its shadowlands age now, with the greenYgrey trilogy complete, the PinkyOrangePurple (POP) age its implosion created, like a dying star creating a bright supernova, seems to be heating up. That’s after Poppy James and Suki Waterhouse created the Pop and Suki fashion company,  following Stella McCartney’s POP perfume.

Suki Waterhouse Top of the POPs

Suki Waterhouse had never appeared in the greenYgrey/POP world until starring for Burberry at the AW (AutumnWinter reminiscent of AAW-WOW, Adult Angelic Waifs – Women Of World) London Fashion Show in the same month that the Love the mixed-up vole anagram star lookalike picking berries photo called Berry Bunch was named the Countryfile Calendar winner.


Now, she has risen to the top of the charts, where she would have appeared on Top of the Pops if the chart was musical singles in my childhood and youth.

In a crazy-head self-parody, just afterwards, I proposed that Taylor Swift had organised a greenYgrey night out with Suki and Cara Delevingne in a celebrity shoot-out with Taylor Momsen, after the three spellbinding women were photographed together.


Now, I’m wondering if the photo was to symbolise they were leaving the greenYgrey world once and for all, to pop into POP full-time; like stardust creating new worlds.

Pop and Suki

Now Suki has allied with bf Poppy James to create the pinkylicious Pop and Suki. The first image from their website below is like a meeting of the greenYgrey and POP worlds.

screenshot-79 screenshot-80

Of course, my PinkyOrangePurple POP is only an adaptation from Andy Warhol’s pop art, as Japan’s J-Pop was inspired by 1960s pop music. Suki also gets in there!:


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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