Space Weather Exo-Planets Documentary Conspiracy Comedy

A few posts ago I mentioned that a Horizon documentary about space weather was on the BBC that night. It included a lot more than I expected, continuing into the search for exo-planets. Without blowing my own trumpet, I knew most of it already; the general theories at least, if not the specific.

Space Philosophy Brain, Lifetime To Explain

I’ve been watching The Sky at Night all my life, but have taken more interest in space over the last fifteen years, trying to find my/our place in space and time. I nearly did Astronomy as an elective module at university, but decided it was a bit risky in the end, being very different to my Humanities focus.

I lost interest in humanity by the end of my Humanities study, and they continue to prove my decision more right than wrong. Ironically, humanity seems to think I’m more interested in them, the less interest I take. The more I try and ignore them, the more they seem to think I’m interested in them really, or even needy.

Most 50+ people have had enough of general humanity, it’s just that most of them have careers, houses and family to isolate themselves within. I’m a well-educated man with a lot of life experience who has made his judgement on humanity thoughtfully and rationally. That’s not to say I never want to see humans again, or kill them all, just that as a species they are what I thought they were when I was a rebellious youth who wanted to escape society by travelling.

I’d have continued into space if I could, but it doesn’t look as if I’ll make it physically this time; has my mind, at that hypnagogic time between waking and sleep, the conscious and unconscious, it often looks like space then, with the stars like sleep stuff, food for the mind to sleep, or are they actual neurons, visible to the inner mind, as they deliver chemicals such as dopamine to the sleep bay, damming conscious thoughts, creating a reservoir of dreams.

BBC Horizon Highlights and Conspiracy

The documentary hotted up with greenYgrey relevance in the second half, starting with exo-planet Roxette 12b  looking greenYgrey through an infra-red spectrum image after about 35 minutes.

There was a weird coincidence, as far as I know, five minutes later, when the next exo-planet, a hot gas planet they think is blue really, called HD189733b I think, looked POP (PinkyOrangePurple) through the infra-red spectrum.


That planet is thought to have winds 20 times the fastest as on Earth, as they take its star’s heat around the planet so fast there isn’t the differences in temperatures they expected.

One planet was thought to have parts that experience continuous twilight time, with a combination of greenygrey and POP imagery:

However, perhaps the strangest of all was an omission, as Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory explained the exo-planets life theory, not too hot or cold, in a great greenYgrey setting, without mentioning Goldlilocks!

The search for exo-planets is in its infancy, about twenty years old, and Demory thought they’d find a habitable planet in the next 5-10 years.

Considering Jupiter’s red-spot storm has been there since Galileo first observed it 350 years ago, before being persecuted by Monotheism for his findings and beliefs, a decade or two is a tiny amount of time in space.

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