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The next thrilling episode of XaW Files, probably the most interesting and original fiction book this millennium, continues to catch up on events in Transylvania, before the end sets up a return to Dolhasca for a thrilling denouement of this passage in the raucous ramble around Europe; which makes the Euro Trip movie and Eurotrash T.V. series seem quite pedestrian… in some ways… but is less controversial in others.

It mixes prose and poetry, lovely voles and monsters, fact and fiction, and comedy wordplay, to create a quite esoteric display.

Esoteric: (adjective) Beyond understanding of an average mind. Synonyms: abstruse, deep, profound, recondite. Slang: heavy.

Hopefully Love will Prevail, Even if I Fail

Hopefully I’ve impressed the esoteric amongst you, who are most likely to be book-buyers (self-parody), but I don’t want to lose the humble, or give the Negatives ammunition, so I will just add that although esoteric is not a new word to me, looking it up and fully understanding it just happened, at the ripe old age of 51.

While I think my writing is esoteric, my mind is balanced by being not very good at other things, such as concentration, short-term memory, patience etc, resulting in not excelling at practical jobs, maths, sciences, technology etc.

Permanent Vacation (Aerosmith) My Vocation

Football was the sport I excelled at, and writing is the creative. That’s why I try and do it: it’s what I enjoy, because I think it’s what I’m good at. I’d probably rather be doing sports with people if given a choice, or working with animals, relating to an interview I read recently where the charity worker said paperwork was the worst thing about the job.

But there are times of coffilosophy, when I’m were (sic – remembering were is the human part of were animals) I want to be. Not for ever, or even very long, but for short bursts of original creative breakthroughs, with music in the background, comfort behind, and the sky above, there is the pleasure of contentment.

I’m nothing that special, probably just an average doctor of philosophy, but different because I’m from a lower social class, and am still working in it. I think XaW Files is special though.

I could try to make myself out to be extra special to the people around me, take advantage like a cult leader or grooming pseudo elite/alpha, but prefer keeping my distance, and sharing my knowledge, like Derren Brown, David Attenborough and Brian Cox.

I’d probably prefer entertaining you with music, seeing the smiling happy faces in the crowd, like my contemporary Slipmatt, showing the tricks of his trade on a greenYgrey mixing desk in this video, but words are all I have! And they’re enough for me!! When I reach epipha3 (epiphany)!!!

XaW Files episode finally starts below it!

Chapter 4 Episode 14

Once the last episode’s information settled I realised Pezza had said deadly duel, so I asked him if anyone died in the Dolhasca alleyway. He replied that it depends what you mean by died, because the vampires are of course the living dead, so they cannot die.

However, they had managed to totally terminate three of the New York Dolhascas’ road crew, so that was kind of the same thing, in a greenYgrey way.

Love will Conquer Vampires?

Pezza continued by saying there was good and bad news about my travel companions. The good news was that they didn’t seem to have joined the undead the last time he saw them, but the bad news was that they were all in the hands of the vampires.

There was hope however, because he thought my mixed-up vole friend may have just a little too much love for the vampires to overcome, and it could even warm their bodies enough to make them think twice about continuing their wicked ways.

Hob pie Grub with Zdob și Zdub

The rest of Zdob și Zdub joined us then, and Grandmamma warmed some traditional Moldovan food on the hob, such as Mămăligă and Invârtită.

Vadim Eremeev, who I related to, as we are equally e-3s, said there was news from Dorohoi in Romania. They had received information from a good source that my travel companions were in a satisfactory condition.

Moreover, he said there was another Battle of the Bands in a couple of weeks, like the one in Cluj-Napoca, only this one was being billed as Bill and Ted’s Apocalypse Now. Dorohoi were once again entering, and were hoping to deliver a decisive blow to the New York Dolhascas, as it was taking place on a Full Moon.

The last BotB had apparently ended in a bore draw, which the analysts put down to there being too much at stake for the New York Dolhascas vampires.

Chisinau Selection Makes greenYgrey Feel at Home


Chasing in Chisinau

‘Now, let us show you Chisinau,’ said Victor Dandeş, ‘I am sure you would like to stretch your legs, and prance about on your feet and paws.’

‘Thank you,’ I replied, ‘so we are in Moldova’s capital.’

‘Yes,’ replied Victor, ‘and there is much to show you in the short time you will be here.’


I found that out razor sharpish,
sailing the River Bic feeling outlandish,
in a boat made of vampire skin,
I never felt like jumping in,
even passing the ballet and theatre auditorium,
or the archaeology and history museum,
but the shopping centre bowled me over,
because I liked the name Malldova.



Chisinau, Moldova does indeed have a mall/shopping-centre called Malldova.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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