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After writing some nice things yesterday I got some feedback from immigrants making out that I was just after money. So, to balance the books, greenYgrey style, today’s blog is more negative towards ‘foreigners’ and immigration. It’s all stuff I mean and truly believe, like the nice things I wrote yesterday about the XaW Files people and countries.

My Sacrifice, Being Nice

To make it clear again, I dropped out of university life to write what I believe, walking away from a possibly lucrative career, while foreign students were sleeping with tutors or grovelling to them; or using their postgraduate majority status to push their weight around, or look down on this chav British student.

I’m not saying it was all the time, or all the people, but it was some of the time, and some of the people. Tutors and the department seemed more interested in full-fees-paying international students, and even conferences got more money for more international students.

As Jo Cox said about life in Cambridge university, British students can be just as snobby, and so can working-class people when they get power, or are in the majority.

As a humanities and social sciences graduate, my criticisms are more about humanity, and society, than individuals and individual countries: they are just examples I have encountered in my daily life, never having requested I be where I am.

Gary Lineker and Lily Allen on Immigration and Rape

In the last week Gary Lineker and Lily Allen have voiced their opinions on the Calais immigration situation. I felt sorry for the nice people left there interviewed on the news. Some did sound nice and it was sad; in my experience, it’s the worst that will have made it to Britain, and the nicest left behind.

As an honest writer, I must admit that I have queue-jumped myself, mostly after learning about the realities of life On The Road; but I’m probably usually still too quiet and reserved compared to those desperate and ruthless in their ambitions: I publicise my books with the minimum of advertising pressure, simply showing them and providing examples, with no outside help or promotion.

I loved Lineker as an England footballer, and like him as a nice, warm, funny presenter, and maybe I’m losing my chances of ever appearing on Match of the Day, like Russell Brand, but found Lineker’s intervention one-sided, as far as I know it from its reporting in the media; it’s the first social comment I’ve heard him make.

Maybe he could also call the groomers who targeted white girls racist. Not that I only care about white girls, and I’m glad that some Calais girls were rescued and brought to Britain; not that I want anything to do with them, reading the thoughts of the Double Negatives!

As well as apologising for ‘her country’, maybe Lily Allen could also apologise to the raped British girls for her ‘liberal left’, who allowed it to happen. It always seems to be the ‘poor men’ who get the apologies and publicity (and national riots!); even from women! He seemed a nice enough chap himself, and with a good family there’s hope for him.

The liberal left love immigration, but in my experience many/most of the new immigrants are totally the opposite of the counter-culture/left’s tree-hugging and socialist values, which I largely share. The new immigrants often want money and power, and look down on poor British people like me; and even more the women; not realising or caring that I’m a graduate, and the sacrifices I’ve made.

Many are ‘escaping’ socialism/communism, so it’s not really surprising they want to rise as highly and quickly as possible if they think they are able and have the opportunity; especially as many/most don’t really care about Britain and its indigenous people.

Niceness can be perceived as weakness, and coupled with my role as a small businessman can be depicted as the Jewish stereotype – especially as most of my criticism is not against Jewish people, although their religion is included in my criticism of monotheism (most of the negatives who fall into this bracket don’t know what monotheism is anyway; as I didn’t before taking more interest in religion after the rise of Islamism).

News Headwear Controversy

The other sensitive controversy I noticed this week, and had what I think are original thoughts about, was Kelvin MacKenzie’s criticism of Channel Four’s Fatima Manji for wearing a hijab while reporting the news; his article followed her reporting from Nice, after the Islamist attack that killed dozens.

While critics called MacKenzie offensive, I think it is offensive to wear headwear supported by Islamists while reporting the news (affirming my earlier point about some people not really caring about Britain or indigenous British people). While women freed from I.S. are burning their religious headwear, a British correspondent feels the need to wear a symbolic sign she knows irritates or frightens many British people.

Maybe Manji doesn’t know that many British people, like MacKenzie, view Islamist clothes like some American people view Klan clothes; or maybe how Muslims feel about seeing British nationalistic symbolism. Maybe Manji doesn’t care that she’s the only reporter or newsreader that wears religious clothes.

If British reporters and newsreaders started wearing traditional national headwear; looking nationalistic; maybe she’d know how people feel when they see Islamist symbolism at an Islamist atrocity:


Or maybe the news teams of the future could style themselves on the Village People:


Criminally ignored by the British media, publishers and public, and the only place you’ll probably see it advertised, what I think is truly a great book of the 21st century:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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