Science Debunks Superstition: Triangle Not Guilty of Bermuda Crashes

I saw a news report this week that said twelve children a week die in the U.K. due to unknown heart defects. That’s a dozen deaths that could have been blamed on witchcraft scapegoats before the development of science – with pseudo-alphas like the Dastardly and Muttley of my life using the deaths to demonise and dehumanise me – a few hundred years ago they’d have burnt me, but now they just try and alienate me. They were preceded by friends groups and university lecturers pseudo-alphas.

Can you reach the end of the blog post, navigating (a typing glitch there nearly sunk me!, and now the sun shines brightly!!, I did go under but resurface to finish… I know this may put ideas in your head, but also think it could be seen as a hurdle for you to face and pass… if you can… I know the glitch was caused by my finger skimming too fast over the laptop key, maybe typing not one, but two or three… but did something unknown to me cause it… and is it telling me now to cloud the message… I don’t know, but know that as a scientifically minded writer I need to consider and document all variables, rather than just trying to brainwash you like the religious!!!) safely to the end, without sinking somewhere along the way in negativity and wrong conclusions?

I could have physically travelled so far, in the time it takes to write this blog post, only journeying within my own mind, neurons whizzing back and for, up and down, surmounting (the word I was trying to think of for ages when I wrote hurdles earlier, later in the article, now appears unthinkingly in an instant) problems such as the cursor falling where it’s positioned rather than where I last wrote, the cause of many of my typing glitches, while time-travelling all my past life, the writing present and the immediate future of finally posting this.

While this article may seem muddled to you, it does in fact follow a formula I’ve read about all my adult life, based on counter-culture writers such as Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson. I think I’ve reached their standards now, but I’m biased, and as a copier and follower I admit my debt and relative inferiority. If you think this is the best such article you read this Sunday or week, please don’t be shy, as long as you’re in line with my reason whY… which is for the benefit of all life on the planet.

Witchcraft Scapegoats and Science

Now, I’m happy to be a dehumanised greenYgreylien, because I’ve seen humanity for what it is. Not that it’s all bad, there’s lots of nice and good humans, as there are for all animals, but humanity as a whole also does a lot of bad things, and is undoubtedly the worst animal on a planet some claim was made for them; comparing its impact on other animals and species. It also tries to help other animals and species more than any other too, as it is the most able – intelligent.

It can’t fly on its own, or swim very fast or deep, but its brain and hands have allowed it to create machines that do this for it, taking it to places where maybe it shouldn’t be, such as the Bermuda Triangle. Ten minutes of spontaneous prose (I almost met my Bermuda Triangle there, having my first mental block after writing spontaneous, but then remembering prose before searching it, having written Kerouac spontaneous, but without prose revealing itself), and I find a link to the main topic of this blog post.

Bermuda Triangle Science – not Devil

I just read a good article on Yahoo News that seems to provide a believable scientific explanation for the disappearances of ships and planes in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle, or Devil’s Triangle. The article describes massive clouds found in the area by satellite images:

‘A documentary by the Science Channel showcases new satellite imagery from NASA over coastal Florida, revealing “a series of hexagon-shaped clouds,” which meteorologists say can produce 170 mph (273kmph) wind air bombs above the Bermuda Triangle. These clouds, which can range anywhere between 20-55 miles (32-88.5km) and can produce microbursts that make movement of planes and ships difficult.’


It is of course the area often hit by massive hurricanes, such as the one named Matthew this month. I was on holiday in the Canary Islands at the time, thankfully having not picked Florida. To hopefully keep the race-obsessed at bay with balance, in case they think I’m dwelling on their misfortune, I also hadn’t arrived in Wales when the Aberfan disaster happened; still resident in my sunny isle birthplace of Jersey, which has been pretty calm ever since.

While that should shake Dastardly and Muttley off that case, I did fly over the Bermuda Triangle going to Cuba in 2009, and maybe when flying up from Rio in 1994. My flights were smooth, but I do remember the clouds looking particularly beautiful in a massively colourful pillars-mountains sunset light on the Cuba flight.

As the article says, it’s not really a triangle anyway, with some crashes and sinkings outside the ‘triangle’ – it was just a term coined that conveniently stuck, as humanity loves a nicely packaged supernatural mystery.

Science is Beneficial, Religion-Induced Ignorance is Not

Historically, the disasters in the area date from a long time before my travel there. Having written about it now though, the one-dimensional double-negatives will ignore the science, and associate me with it – and all future disasters in the region!

Some may ask how I can write about it so objectively (using their own word for objectively if they don’t know what it means), well, that’s because it’s my job, like service people go to crashes or fires, and deal with the horrible scenes there.

How can he think Me
say all that humanity
my Bermuda Triangle
navigating negative angle

Funnily, or strangely, enough, there’s a Horizon documentary about storms elsewhere in our universe tonight, for those with access to the BBC (BBC2 at 8 first showing). Debunking religious people blaming natural disasters on humans was one of my first articles published.

It followed the blaming of natural disasters on human behaviour by religious leaders. I asked in the article why a god would create storms throughout the universe, when humanity is only resident on one tiny speck of it, if the god created the storms to punish humanity.

I wrote it fearing a new wave of religious bunkum from mass immigration, but hadn’t foreseen at the time that I’d meet my Dastardly and Muttley, and be reminded that it never left!

I thought it was a pretty nice message from my article, for humanity, and all the defenceless and powerless victims of the powerful, such as religious leaders; but of course, the negatives can negativise it. It was a message I continued to XaW Files:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Bermuda Triangle Blues

To end on an uplifting note, in the nick of time I remembered Blondie wrote a song titled Bermuda Triangle Blues, off Plastic Letters, my second favourite album after Parallel Lines.

I saw a good article that could be a follow up to my old one, but probably has nothing to do with it on Matador.

It explains how more people are affected now because of overpopulation, and its results, such as climate change.


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