Werewolves in Transylvania Comedy Horror Fantasy Travel Quest Hots Up

The next episode of XaW Files continues the werewolves and vole amongst vampires in Transylvania, Romania plot. It contains a little comedy wordplay, but mainly drives the story on, with a thrilling twist turning the tranquil scene upside down, head over heels… with Love setting the pace.

For new and casual readers, the original travel quest is for our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol, and he might just be the lead singer of the New York Dolls cover band New York Dolhascas, but none of the travel questers have realised that yet.

The New York Dolls peaked before my time, and while I liked their image, story and style, were never a big group to me, and I never bought any of their records. Kind of like Andy Warhol in art, not that I’ve ever been into art really; more just interested in ’60s culture.

XaW Files Chapter 4 Episode 12

‘Were (sic) just looking for our female friend,’ said Jack.

‘I haven’t seen any werewolves pass this way for many a full moon,’ replied the bartender.

‘Okay, thanks, we’ll be moving quickly along then,’ said Jack.

‘Hold on a moment or three,’ interjected the bartender, seemingly speaking our language. ‘I wouldn’t go out there at this time. There’s been a lot of folk tales disappear over the years. There used to be a community of werewolves too, but they just vanished between full moons, never to be seen again, not the next full moon or any since.’

‘That does sound ominous,’ said Jack, ‘but the information’s a bonus. Thanks for letting us know.’


Dolhasca Vampire Dilemma

Jack turned around and we all looked at each other, as if looking for direction; a mixture of disappointed about Mary and perplexed about Dolhasca’s danger.

‘I’d love to stay here the night,’ said Love.

‘Yes, I think that’d be a great idea Love,’ Jack said. ‘I think we had a pretty good day today On The Road, and I’m talking from a lot of experience.’

‘Yes, let’s enquire about a room for the night,’ I agreed.

So we returned to the bar and soon agreed a triple room price. We were still tired despite our siesta, and all fell asleep quite quickly, after sharing Good Nights Waltons-style. I was the last to nod off, going from the dulcet snoring of the other two.

However, we all awoke around midnight after hearing a blood-curdling scream from directly below our window. I reached the window just in time to see a cloaked figure disappear into the shadows down an alleyway below… I just realised how greenygrey alleyway is!… the word rather than the alleyway I saw by the way… but there’s no time to digress at this crucial and thrilling point of the episode…



Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen

Dolhasca After Dark

‘Let’s investigate,’ Love said, and it was off like a shot down the stairs. Jack sprang out chasing Love, followed by me; the third of three.

I couldn’t see the others when I exited the door, so I headed in the direction of the alleyway;  passing through it and out into the light of a half moon.

I could see a figure that looked like the lead singer of the New York Dolhascas carrying a female that looked like Mary. Meanwhile, the Sylvain Sylvain lookalike wrestled with Jack, and Love was biting the ankles of the bassist.

So where’s the drummer? I suddenly thought. It was the last brainwave I had for a while, as I lost consciousness after being hit from behind by what felt like a bass drum beater.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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