Epic Werewolf Transylvania Romania Vampire Poem

The next thrilling episode of XaW Files references the real Romanian places of Dolhasca, Suceava and Ilisesti, and the classic horror film An American Werewolf in London, which I quite liked, but not particularly.

Epic Travel Horror Poetry Writing

It’s a bit of an epic poem, which was the easiest way to fill up a Google Docs page, which was the minimum amount for an episode, but the choice between poetry and prose was almost never planned, and just depended on what the mind told the fingers, mostly during coffilosophy times like now! I’ve included some photos here to break up the poem for easier web reading.

Chapter 4 Episode 11

Descending on Dolhasca
during their siesta
streets almost silent
sleep desire violent
pulling down eyelids
sucking like squids
Suceava County beauty
east Romania tranquillity


I asked the others
‘who else suffers?’
Love was falling asleep
Jack looked ready to weep
I suggested a nap
not thinking about a trap
set by a Suceava succubus
or an itinerant Ilisesti incubus
too tired to contemplate
if it was better to wait
Love and Jack agreed
soon as possible need
so we found a quiet lea
all falling asleep quickly
waking some hours later
feeling rest’s motivator
energy to do something
legs feeling a new spring
we jumped up high
feeling like we could fly
with a little shapeshifting
I could feel my legs lifting
but there wasn’t far to go
and by walking we’d see more
so by foot and paw we strode
into town by walking mode
searching every nook and cranny
or as it’s known in greenygrey
not in the book

yet still no sign of Mary
at sunset it suddenly got scary
we walked into a big bar
but hadn’t got very far
before getting funny looks
from all the crannYnooks
‘What are you doing out at this time,
it’s not safe after sunset’s chime,’
asked the bartender reminding me
of a scene at the start of a movie
The Slaughtered Lamb was the hub
An American Werewolf in London pub
now the tables were turned
as some werewolves learned
to Keep off the Road at night
but they didn’t warn of a fright
from a full moon nice and bright
maybe sensing from our sight
that Beware the moon nightmares
become happysmiley Moon be-weres
in the greenYgrey natural world
where werewolves are occasionally bold.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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