Wolf Alphas Share and Care for Pack

In the third episode of Ingenious Animals my stars were the wolves, with the alpha wolf shown to be more sharing than dogs in scientific tests.

Have dogs picked up bad habits from human personalities?

Or is it that they have become spoilt, and more reliant?

I don’t know the reasons, and as a qualified researcher, I know that those hypotheses will have to be formed qualitatively from the quantitative evidence available.


The Best of the Rest: Humans, Corvids and Sharks (written with humour in mind)

There are many nice, kind and sharing humans around of course, but they’re likely to diminish in numbers as resources become scarcer, and threats more common.

Corvids were my next faves, being shown to bring presents as rewards to humans who are kind to them. They reminded me of the Mollymook Rowdy Rook and Crows v Redbacks AusRuIcket time-travel stories in Werewolf of Oz.

Sharks  being shown to have individual personalities took the bronze medal.

It’s available on BBC iplayer in the U.K. for a couple more weeks.

Werewolf of Oz is probably the second best greenYgrey book ever:


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