Russell Brand, Trump Women and Burberry Profits Before Friends and Relationship Life Poetry and Fantasy Travel Story

There’s another thrilling episode of XaW Files today, the unfashionable book for all seasons, which you should be trying to make the indie Christmas book #1, like Rage Against the Machine v X Factor in the singles chart, after the publishers hoodwinked you with Russell Brand’s Revolution a couple of Christmases ago.

Brand New Thoughts

I said I’d leave it there yesterday, but did think afterwards it was strange that Brand talked more about Donald Trump than Jeremy Corbyn’s Corbynista Momemtum, who he could have claimed as his legacy. Was Brand really an actor patsy to divert you from the greenYgreyvolution? I don’t know.

I hope he has a nice family life, but don’t think that having a baby means anything, as most of the worst men in history have had children. He does seem to be trying though, having a monogamous relationship, with lots of animals, and he is a vegan who seems to care about life and the planet, so I really do wish them all well.

Melania Trump not my #1 Choice Trump

Talking of Trump, I liked his reposte to one of the women who accused him of sexual harassment – that she wouldn’t have been his first choice. A bit politically incorrect maybe, but still funny.

While the politically correct might howl with derision, I think a better reposte would be my true one – that while Melania Trump is attractive and glamorous, and would be the sensible choice, she wouldn’t be my Trump family #1, it would be that daughter who gave a good speech a few weeks ago. Too young for me probably, but the one I consider the #1 Trump family looker! (Later looked up an image, and seen Ivanka is 34, so well positioned in the goldlilocks zone of 21-40!).


Melania Trump was saying on the news today that the tapes were not the Donald Trump she knows. That’s because like most men, Trump has one personality for men, and another for women. It’s probably the same for women, the more I get to know them!

I try and talk/write to women as I do to men, which is probably why I’m not as popular as I should be, except to those who like the POP (PinkyOrangePurple) age of the greenygrey!!

Burberry Sales Up 30%

Since Suki Waterhouse brought Burberry into the greenYgrey world with the AW campaign, which could be called Bursuki (?), and the Love the mixed-up vole lookalike Berry Bunch photo was announced the Countryfile Calendar winner, Burberry have announced a 30% increase in profits this morning.

Most of the above was from about ten minutes of news watching this morning, and now for the next XaW Files episode, which starts with some coffilosophy thinking, like now, but still on friendship and relationships, but this time told through poetry, followed by some anagram-inspired movement east in Romania.

XaW Files, Chapter 4 Episode 10

Everybody I thought
in my life I met
seemed a figment
of my imagination
and with deliberation
I realised they were
at least partly just that
because their reality
was only slightly
visible to me
and the rest
I now realised I created
out of what I knew
about them in my mind
some have now died
while others live on
but they are all just a little
of who they really were
my constructions crumbled
initial interpretations faded
new knowledge added
endless experiences endured
even some enjoyed
odd ones erected
as life defining
young left my memory
became different adults
singles left my memory
became married couples
students left my memory
became monied workers
linear journeys continued
outside my mind
where my memory
travels in circles
gravitating solid core
binary system pulsars:
birth and death.

Were is Werewolfstonecraft?

Transylvania morning sunshine awoke me; a time I’d waited for many times while watching vampire films. I thought I’d survived any scares, like protagonists such as Van Helsing saw safety signalled in the sunrise, but then Love burst into the room telling me Mary hadn’t returned.

I told Love it was still early, and hopefully she’d return soon. We went for breakfast, with Jack joining us about an hour later.

Noon knocked on the memory door before Mary, so we had to check out of the hotel. We looked around town for her, but could find no sign of her wereabouts (sic). We asked at the rock club about the bands from last night, but they said they’d already left for their respective Romanian homes in Dolhasca and Dorohoi.

We discussed it together, before agreeing that Dolhasca seemed the most likely destination, as Mary left the club with the lead singer of the New York Dolhascas.

So after eats we set off east (directionally as well as anagramatically).


Dolhasca and Dorohoi are in eastern Romania.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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