Russel Brand and Countryfile Calendar

I’ve now watched the Russell Brand interview on the Jonathon Ross Show, and it looks as if Brand has now joined the greenYgreyvolution from his countryside retreat, as he’s enrolled at university. Meanwhile, a lovely vole photo has won the Countryfile photo competition, as if Love the mixed-up Vole has come to life!

Retreat from Revolution

Russell Brand seems to have realised what I and most experts/graduates said when he was launching his Revolution: that politics is a lot greenYgreyer than he thought/opined.

He has now enrolled in a religion and politics course, which further supports what I said at the time: he sounded like somebody (a first year university student, like I once was) who’d read a bit of Chomsky and gone off on one, without reading and considering any of its criticisms.

While Brand probably meant well, his Revolution book is more a comment on the media and publishing world, which recklessly shunted it onto Christmas shoppers in bookstore windows and television screens.

In contrast, my books are the product of a decade of further education, followed by years of creative writing study and writing. Trade in Russell’s Revolution, and join the greenYgreyvolution this Christmas!

Brand was greenYgrey in his discussion of himself and Donal Trump, so I don’t think he’s all bad… or all good. He’s obviously very sharp and intelligent, describing his university course much better than I could describe mine – I don’t know if he’d been practising?!

I wish him and his family and farm well, but think Laura and his child will need it more, as it still sounds mostly all about Russell. I’m sure Laura must know that though, and will probably hate me for criticising her Russell, so I’ll leave it at that.

Countryfile Calendar Charity Vole Winner

I’m leaving the greenYgrey behind now, because I’ve got a story that I totally love: yes, it’s the vole winner of the Countryfile Calendar photo competition, in the year that some parts of the greenYgrey think Love the mixed-up Vole stole the XaW Files show.

Well, I haven’t left the greenYgrey totally behind, as it’s all in the vegetation!


Congratulations to Dean Mason for his vole picking blackberries (another favourite of mine) photo, which he waited all day to take – more patience than I probably have! About half the proceeds go to the BBC‘s Children in Need, so it’d make a nice Christmas present… the perfect accompaniment to XaW Files!

Twelve winners out of 21,000 entries were picked for the calendar’s months. Details for the calendar are on the BBC website, and you can buy one by ringing 0330 333 4564, or writing to BBC Countryfile Calendar, PO Box 25, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1ZG.

You can buy XaW Files here, and I’ll up my regular charity donations if you buy lots!:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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