Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal Battle of Bands Transylvania Comedy Fantasy

It’s Friday, and I’m in such a benevolent mood that I’m going to give all you great greenYgreyliens another episode of your favourite friendly veggie werewolf travels beautiful Europe in an admiring way to an X-Files comedy parody theme, with lots of new philosophy – coffilosophy bridges these two – and self-proclaimed genius wordplay.

Indie Book for Winter Solstice / Christmas #1

In fact, you’ve been such great greenYgreyliens for the XaW Files episodes, that I’ve decided to up the amount of episodes a week. The holiday season is approaching too, so if you need a present for the mother-in-law (borrowing a comedy great Les Dawson regular joke theme), please do consider giving the book; or just treat yourself.

Like all the indie records put up against X-Factor songs etc, I think it deserves to top the book charts at Christmas. If you particularly support the real poor, real women, mental health and animal welfare, maybe you’ll agree… I certainly believe in the book’s quality.

True Genius?

With a hint of self-parody, I once said that genius is an over-used word now, so I only use it about myself!

Maybe that self-parody self-proclaimed genius was a little bit of comedy genius? I hope so, because it’s one of my best!

This episode starts getting deeper in the vein of the Transylvania vampire story that starts to drive the book in the direction of its travel quest plot, at the start of the second third of the book.

While it contains lots of nice comedy and great rock bands references, analysing myself constructively, it only shows signs of self-proclaimed genius in one original way. That’s in that it is the first, to my knowledge, book that contains self-analysis of a protagonist through the constituent letters of its name.

While I’ve been getting to know myself, humanity, life on Earth and our time and space in the Universe during the greenYgrey decade years, in this book I really delve deep into the greenYgrey name itself!

The result, as seen in this episode, is like an allegory for humanity and other lifeforms, individuals and communities (or teams).

Chapter 4 Episode 8

After seeing the Apuseni sunrise in Transylvania I thought we could be approaching the centre of this ramble. It wasn’t just because its Y is as central to its name as our first Y is to ours, or that were (sic) nearing the midpoint of the nine chapters and 202 episodes, which will be around five episodes into the next chapter.

Keeping to the Letter of the greenYgrey Law

I nearly forgot my second y above, at first referring to a singular y, when talking about central Ys. You might think my second y now feels left out a little, with the central Y arms and shoulders above it, and it being stuck out on the edge of my name.

However, my second y feels quite content, believing itself to have an important job, finishing the name off. It even feels quite proud of its role, imagining itself the anchor leg of a relay, bringing the team home; or an expert tradesperson, applying the finishing touches to a work of art.

Don’t worrY g Happy

Moreover, although the central Y now gets capitalisation, and is therefore more prominent, the second y likes remaining lower case, believing that it provides balance for the Ys, keeping them grounded and down to earth, while also reassuring the other letters that they are all still equals, with important roles to play in the formation of the word.

That’s especially true for the first G, which of course used to be the capital letter. As it’s the first letter of my name, with that being the traditional capital letter in the human world, the first G has indeed made a big sacrifice for the good of our name in standing down. The ultimate sacrifice would have been erasing itself altogether, but there was no call for it to do that.

Apuseni How I Sing Me

I must have rethought the above later, walking down the Apuseni Mountains, as my central command started humming:
‘Pack up your letters in your new rebranded form,
and greenYgrey, greenYgrey, greenYgrey.’

It was to the tune of the World War One marching song:

‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,

And smile, smile, smile.’

‘Gee, what are you singing?’ asked Jack.

‘Yeh,’ I replied, ‘a G or two. Or did you mean the musical note?’

‘No, neither,’ laughed Jack. ‘I just said Gee as an exclamation. I hadn’t heard such a greenYgrey song before, even after all my time in your world.’

‘Oh, it’s not a real song Jack,’ I replied, ‘just my own version of an old World War One marching song. You know, I don’t usually know the lyrics to songs, so make them up myself. I know that song’s theme though, and find it inspiring while walking, and my version keeps my letters in the right marching order too!’

I laughed, and Jack did too.

Cluj-Napoca’s Club Rock Stars

Love had loped on ahead, looking quite wolfish, but returned excitedly, like the lovely vole we’ve all grown to know and love. It told us it’d just seen a bill poster advertising a concert in the Cluj-Napoca rock club, with the New York Dolls and Doro playing.


There was much excitement amongst us, but when we got to the poster we noticed it was the New York Dolhascas and Dorohoi cover bands. Love! You’ve just got to love it wholeheartedly.

We were in a rock mood now anyway, and it was a Battle of the Bands duel concert, so we agreed to go. It put an extra spring in our step, and we careered down to Cluj as quickly as we could.

We fancied making a night of it, so we booked into the Hotel Transylvania.


Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag, and Smile, Smile, Smile by George Henry and Felix Powell.

Dolhasca and Dorohoi are place names in eastern Romania.

New York Dolls are a legendary rock band, and Doro Pesch is a legendary singer with Warlock and her own band.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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