Budapest Wordplay Humour and Comedy Philosophical Discussion

The next episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity starts with some philosophical comedy. I’d started the humorous travel quest with third best philosopher of all time in mind, but of course slipped down to joint-third by the end, after remembering to meet Nietzsche later on the Eurotrip.

Although Buddhism is my favourite of the big religions I still have wordplay comedy with it. There’s more wordplay comedy with legendary Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor later, after some Budapest history. The episode ends by remembering Prague, as I remember the two cities as pretty similar, after visiting them in 1991 after returning on the Trans-Siberian from Beijing, via Moscow.

Chapter 4 Episode 6

‘That Buddha pest,’ laughed Mary.

‘Yeh, and Socrates is a stubborn old git,’ I replied.

No doubt one day in the future Mary and I will look back and think That Budapest, but the above greenYgrey style philosophical conversation was in the present.

It concerned the vexing question about how I still considered myself stuck behind Buddha and Socrates in the all time great philosophers list, after seven years of hard slog in the human world.

Budapest History

Our arrival in Budapest reminded us of Buddha, and inspired by Buddhist teaching, we decided to go deeper into the mind of Hungary’s capital.

I’m delighted to say it was the correct decision, as our Budapest time-travel trip was not only very enjoyable, but also provided clues to our origins… or at least evidence of how our constituent colours came together.

Independent Buda

Buda was a city in its own right during the Middle-Ages, and looked rather greenYgrey from a woodcut in the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) featured on Wikipedia.

Buda united with Pest across the Danube in 1873, and although their names match in being four letters long, their geography is as wonkycontrasty as my name.


Buda is built on hills, while Pest spreads out below it across the river: kind of like Green and Grey, although Pest is supposed to be bigger in land area, so it’s more like Green in that way.

Recreational Activities

Love was getting a little tired towards the end of the day, so we looked for somewhere to relax for a few hours.

We were therefore thrilled to see Lovely to Look At playing at a cinema, starring legendary Hungarian-born actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.


Love loved looking at Lovely to Look At, and we all liked it, although I do admit catching up on a couple of Zs at the start.

Libuše Accuse Neglectful Abuse

During one of the Zs I dreamt that Libuše, legendary founder of Prague, asked me why I had not visited her city during Chapter 3.

I said that I had left it late in the chapter to visit the Czech Republic, and just gone with the flow on Google Maps. It had not been intentional, and if I’d known then what I know now, then I would have tried even harder to visit Prague.

Libuše said it was okay, but that I should be sure to say that Prague is a beautiful city. I think I’ve done that now.

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