International Coffee Day: Celebrating Coffilosophy

Sorry if you were expecting part 2 of Girls, Girls, Girls: California Dreaming yesterday, but you should know by now, that tomorrow never comes. But part 2 will surface sometime; it’s just that things don’t run to time in the gYg POP world, as it didn’t in the Alician Wonderland.

International Coffee Day: Celebrate Coffilosophy

I was going to post it today, but then saw it’s International Coffee Day, and there’s a greenYgrey3 hat-trick and a dear dog on the website front page.


I obviously like coffee, for its taste and benefits, which may be self-medication for ADHD, as well as benefitting my writing such as now, nearing the end of my second mug, getting the neurons moving and connecting. Even before I knew about ADHD I wrote that my social personality was a few stimulants short of ideal!

Coffee’s a legal mild stimulant, so please don’t go overboard on it, and if you’re young, please take adult advice, if you have good adults around you.

Of Coffee and Beer

While I enjoy it, I’m not addicted to it or anything. When I was travelling in the Baltic states this year I didn’t go in any cafes to buy coffee, despite some very nice looking coffee houses. I did drink as much coffee as possible when I had buffet breakfasts, but didn’t have them all the time, such as in my five days in Tallinn.

There, I just had one beer in the Hell Hunt bar, and that was mostly because of its name and logo; as with British pubs, which are one of my favourite features of Blighty. In other circumstances, I would have loved a coffee and beer binge, but it wasn’t the time, as I was on greenYgreying duty.


I generally like the taste of beer better than coffee, although milky coffees such as  cappuccino and latte are lush; and beer’s generally more refreshing, but coffee is the best thing for me in the morning. Unlike beer, I find coffee is easy to know my limits too. After a couple of strong mugs I don’t feel like any more, whereas when I reach that borderline ‘event horizon’ (another self-proclaimed genius concept alert, adapting an astronomical term for my mind) with beer, my inebriated mind tells me to drink more to try and maintain the peak, or climb even higher – which is probably deeper into the unconscious, away from real world? – it can also be the place where a couple of mugs of coffee take you – a brief moment of clarity before falling into the abyss!

Too much coffee can make me feel weak and disjointed, out of sorts, probably like a mild form of the alcohol overdose, but the warning signs are usually clear, and easy to feel. Whereas with the beer borderline it feels as if I’m still ascending, and my mind tells me more refreshment will keep me alert and awake. In reality, alcohol is a downer, although there are usually hours of fun before its real effects hit – a deep and dangerous unconscious slumber if too much is drunk.

Coffilosophy History

Anyway, that’s enough coffilosophy for one morning. Coffee and beer are both brilliant, and I don’t want to limit anybody’s experience of them, but I do try and drink  them in moderation myself now, and that’s what I advise for you – but I expect those who still totally love them in excess to treat my words as contemptuously as I did those who gave me such advice when I was living for the weekend – however, although it might not have looked like it, when I was out and about I had nearly always intended keeping it under control; just reaching the happy drunk phase when it’s fun.

Towards the end, I was more interested in my thoughts and writing than other people and outside my mind events, which is one reason why I now mostly stick to coffee and writing – coffilosophy is the result. If you value it, please feel free to publicise it, and even read more of it!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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