Did Love Find Amber Heard the Caraway, Lovely POP, Princess Kate

Thinking more about the Estonia to Latvia episode of XaW Files, the X-Files parody, mentioned a couple of posts ago, it would seem quite prophetic for Amber Heard, what with Love  the mixed-up vole travelling with greenYgrey shapeshifted into a caraway cheese. Now Amber Heard looks like she’s found love with Cara Delevingne: the Caraway. (I was probably a bit slow there, not realising it more at the time, again hopefully showing this is ‘live’ thinking unless I say differently, as with the conceptual art documentary; better late than never!).

BBC POP and greenYgrey Twilight Times

I owe a lot to the BBC, for my creativity, and as most other companies have had similarly poor workers and systems, I can’t be bothered boycotting or marginalising them any more. Hopefully they’ve got a better system now, and if Keeley Donovan’s happy, then that’s good enough for me (truth and humour greenYgrey mix).

I was lucky to have been a child during what is considered by most in the media as the golden age of children’s TV, and then the classic era of pre-political-correctness comedy in my later childhood and youth. They were a big influence on me and my writing. There is still a lot of good comedy on TV, but this era’s probably going to be remembered more for online ingenuity.

The BBC seems too politically correct now, but still creates a lot of great programmes, as well as good news coverage, so it is obviously a valuable resource.

Okay, POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sunsets (Lincolnshire and Chester) from yesterday and a greenYgrey sunrise this morning (Newcastle, County Down) did take a clean sweep of weather-watcher photos on this morning’s news, so I was quite chuffed.


The presenters even discussed whether they were pink or orange, and called one PinkyOrange. Thanks to them, and the people who sent the photos in; not that you sent them to me of course, and may never have heard of gYg POP.

Greenygrey History

It reminded me of a sunset I saw in the early days of the greenYgrey, with one photo on the last page of the old Greenygrey website, between one of me only in silhouette, and another facing the sun, as if having been enlightened.


Maybe that POPing of my mind was always foretold in the Greenygrey, and when it happened in XaW Files, unexpectedly to me, it was just its time?! Or maybe I always planned it, and have forgotten the plan now? I think the plan was always there, but it wasn’t connected to the twilight time then, and the POP age didn’t start to materialise until Andy Wolfhol became the head-honcho of greenYgrey creation, between the Werewolf of Oz and XaW Files books 2 and 3, years after the website started.

As Princess Catherine was described as eating a ‘phallic’ clam yesterday on the royal tour of Canada, that cloud could be described as the female equivalent! Princess Kate (in the greenYgrey world to Queen Kate Moss) was in great gYg POPing form yesterday by the way, in a photo article from The Sun:

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Whitehorse Airport in Whitehorse, Canada, during the fourth day of the Royal Tour to Canada. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday September 27, 2016. See PA story ROYAL Canada. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada. 27/09/2016 Credit Photo ©Karwai Tang For more information, please contact: Karwai Tang 07950 192531 karwai@karwaitang.com

By Royal or Royle Approval? (Remembering the late great Caroline Aherne, who was way funnier than me, with Mrs Merton probably a big influence on my celebrity coverage, and my particular fondness for Parky, although having liked him from watching his interviews when young, around that Match of the Day time – possibly my first introductions to the minds of famous people).

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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