A Pretty Reckless Tale of Two Taylors

When I called myself Taylor Momsen’s super-groupie, and wrote a Folding Mirror poem calling her the new Debbie Harry (I write that DESPITE somebody with a similar name trying to be too much in my life now, not BECAUSE, and the same with all the other NEGATIVES I’ve been AVOIDING the last few years), I didn’t expect The Pretty Reckless to visit the city I live in, Blighty’s city of… (Under the Bridge)…

The Pretty Reckless Update

It became my gig of the year. There were meet and greet tickets available when I first looked, but I thought I’d keep my distance, and leave them for bigger fans if they wanted them. They did sell out, and I bought a normal ticket.

I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision, and what might have happened if I did meet her. Would I be in California now living the rock n’ roll dream? Or would it have just been uncomfortable, or totally negatively humiliating for me? (a little fun humiliation isn’t too bad!).

While my super-groupie self-description was meant as a joke, three years later Taylor Momsen is still my rock leading lady, so in terms of duration and faithfulness, I guess I am now a super-groupie! I did love lots of Motley Crue / Alice Cooper and Download women too, and hope it was the same for you!!

Heaven and Hell: Humanity Hard to Tell

Although I don’t agree with TM’s Satanism, if she really does believe in it, I think I made the right decision with Taylor Momsen. Along with her band, she has produced great music, and they delivered a fantastic looked-sold-out concert.

While Taylor Momsen’s image is of a bad girl, I haven’t heard much negativity about her personal life. In contrast, Taylor Swift has a really good girl pop music image, but has reportedly acted quite cynically, and maybe even sadistically, with the men in her life. Women might say she’s just acting like male celebrities have traditionally, and I think that’s quite true.

Maybe the above paragraph might inspire Swift to swoop down for me, and I might not be able to escape, so Momsen had better be quick if she wants to Take Me Down… to California…

Henry Rollins Punk Rock Ethos

Sorry if this deep thinking seems a little weird, but it’s a part of me trying to be ethical, and bring a better life for women… and men… and children… and animals. Most unethical behaviour is unthinking, although some is calculating.

The next episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity is similarly deep, so if you just want some light reading poetry please return to the Estonia to Latvia episode linked to in yesterday’s blog, as I read that again today, and it is even better than I remembered!

XaW Files is a mixture of deepness and humour because that’s how my mind works. I could have tried to be one or the other, but that wouldn’t have been in line with the artistic ethic of writing what you want, rather than what is commercially expected.

Henry Rollins is the latest artist to declare the age-old adage that he makes music he wants, rather than to please others, as reported on Classic Rock (although in line with greenYgrey thinking, I like old bands playing greatest hits sets now).

Despite that, I of course hope my writing does please you too, and that you’ll value it more because you think it comes from my heart as well as brain. People are still trying to control me, and get my mind right, as a 50-year-old Dr: as if I’m still a cog to be chiselled and smoothed, rather than a 3-D (Decades: 20s traveller, 30s student, 40s writer) genius; and not just any kind of genius, but a self-proclaimed genius (ending with some self-parody humour before you enter more deep thinking… if you dare!?).

It also discusses sunrises, and uses sunshine as a writing analogy. Funnily enough, there was a great sunrise this morning, with what looked like a sunshine pillar, with sunlight from under the horizon lighting up the cloud directly above. It wasn’t as clear as this POP (PinkyOrangePurple) one from the web:


Chapter 4 Episode 5

After initially forgetting where I’d put my last file I had a smooth ride in my Google Drive. It’s been difficult getting used to it at times, but it’s hopefully worth the experience. However, while I was ‘driving’ here, I had visions of Chapter 5, maybe because this is episode 5, and they weren’t nice; weren’t nice at all, quite apocalyptic actually… actually just made me think of The Pretty Reckless: Since You’re Gone song lyrics (My life has moved along quite nicely actually) or was it vice-versa… I think I thought of the word before the song, but I only know my conscious mind, and not the unconscious, so who knows what’s going on inside the un, and where it gets its ideas from, let alone in what order.

Thinking of the muse and idea of an infinite cosmos, maybe my conscious mind is like a postbox, relatively small and enclosed in the dark. Sometimes my conscious ‘postbox’ gets ideas delivered from the cosmos, as letters drop into mail postboxes; with the inside not being able to see who posted them.

Sunrise Recorded

A greenYgrey theory of the mind would probably have green as the conscious, grey as the unconscious, and Y as the point of contact where they meet. Y is like the epiphany moment when old information meets new, creating an original idea or concept.

During the editing, a few days before reaching this point, I saw an article about just such a central area of the brain, called the Corpus Callosum. It even has a nice greenYgrey ring to it, or Green Grey at least, with its two capital Cs like my Gs!


Maybe epiphanY should be spelt like that in the new greenYgrey rebranded world, or even YpiphanY thinking totally outside the box, because we can do what we want really, as it’s our new world language.

Like a new sunrise over the city, ideas brighten the grey matter. Perhaps they literally light it up when viewed in brain scanning images; thinking inside my brainbox about how my brain looks at this precise moment.

I Think, I Saw the Sunrise

Seeing the sunrise while thinking and writing is quite enjoyable though isn’t it; or at least it feels that way seeing and thinking new things at the start of a new day, even if some of the sights and thoughts seem familiar.

They are never the same though. There are always new shades and new movement; and new clouds swallowing them up.

Sometimes the clouds hide the sunrise, like I guess many of my ideas are just out of sight; they are there, like the sun is in the sky, but I’m not in the right place to receive them, as sometimes the sun is obviously shining on nearby land, but not where I am.


Clapham direction from Ingleborough, winter in Yorkshire Dales

However, today I recorded the sunrise and my thoughts, for I was in the right place at the right time. My eyes and mind fed off each other, like sky and land within Earth’s atmosphere.


Since You’re Gone is on The Pretty Reckless album Light Me Up. It was written by Phillips, Ben / Momsen, Taylor / Khandwala, Kato.
Corpus Callosum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpus_callosum

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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