Freedom Hawk Inspire Writing and Musical Careers Analogy

Saw this album cover on YouTube and thought it was quite a good representation of the greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple meeting, although on closer inspection, there’s no yellow, as with the Bruce McLeod painting.

It is therefore more like a meeting of the greenygrey and POP worlds before the Y capitalisation, which didn’t happen in the chronological history of the worlds as I know them.

Freedom Hawk Music and greenYgrey Writing

On second thoughts (creating a little wordplay, using it in a different way, as they are probably fourth thoughts really, after the first thought was the album cover reminded me of the the gYg POP worlds, the second was that there is no yellow, and the third was about the image seeming to miss out the yellowing of the greenYgrey), I thought Freedom Hawk may be like the musical equivalent of the greenYgrey.

They have a good name, concept and music, but I hadn’t heard of them before. There are loads of similar good bands that appear as musical suggestions on YouTube I haven’t heard of before.

Which may be where the greenYgrey is now. Great writing going unnoticed in a media world of celebrity writers and free content. Good luck Freedom Hawk, fly free and far…

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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