Suki Waterhouse’s AAW-some Mysteries: a London Fashion Show Drama

If I was a lazy selfish conceptual artist (not that I know any that are… or any at all actually… that’s just one of their presiding images… like writers and other artists… I use it as self-parody, to show I can criticise myself and my work… and also to show I am not trying to compliment the art world for reward… I cannot write the same about modellish women… I can only write that it is from the heart) I would have just left this blog as the title – and possibly received more acclaim in the conceptual art world – amongst minimalists anyway!

Before entering the entertainment world, with lots of fun and beautiful things, I feel I must also add that while I like fashion, and respect those involved in the fashion industry, I think it can be unethical, by driving consumers to buy goods they don’t need, which can be detrimental to the environment. I don’t write this blog post as an environmental message though, and as a writer I know I am also in an industry that can harm the environment. I will try to fund the planting of more trees than I might cause to be cut down.

The Motive (Background)

Two of my biggest and best genius artistic concepts are AAW-WOW (Adult Angelic Waifs – Women Of World) and POP (PinkyOrangePurple twilight times adaptation of Andy Warhol’s POP ART).

POP appeared as a new perfume this year, by Stella McCartney, a conceptual art star cameo of XaW Files through the Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno fashionista suprema.


Mystery Plot

So when I saw that Suki Waterhouse was leading a Burberry campaign called AW I thought it might be another fashion concept inspired by the greenYgrey world.

Suki Waterhouse is of course a classic example of a modern AAW.


Denouement (Case Solved)

After a minimal amount of investigation I realised that AW in fact stands for Autumn/Winter, with this week’s London fashion show for the traditionally cold and wet months.


I must admit to being a tad disappointed, with the greenYgrey trail seeming to have gone cold. However, I have never seen it called AW before. Was it inspired by my AAW, or was it always there, and I never noticed? Only the fashion world knows the answer to that mystery!

Funny Bit at the End

Classic crime series often have a funny or warm moment at the end, and I absolutely fabulously (ab fab) love my blog post heading wordplay, so I thought I’d spend a little time with it.

Yes, the AW of Autumn/Winter is of course some of AAW – the AW second and third letters of AAW to be exact. And AAW-some sounds like awesome, which could be used to describe both this mystery and Suki Waterhouse… and probably Burberry’s AW collection… and the London fashion show… and all models, fashion and shows…

For more fantastic wordplay of a similar standard, please check out this unfashionable book for all seasons (fitting in another genius bit of wordplay before the book display!):

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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