London Fashion Week: Amazon Delivery Parody Comedy

To boost sales of my books amongst beautiful women lovers I’ve hired some AAW-WOW superstars (remembering Andy Warhol pop art superstars) to delivery them.


Comedy Parody Truth

No, sorry to have to include reality in line with my ethical ethos, but the above opening paragraph is self-parody comedy using the new Amazon Fashion advert. The books will be delivered as normal if you buy them.

I wish I had the money to provide lucrative work for people delivering my books, and provide an exceptional delivery service for my readers, but I’m glad I don’t have the overheads, and organisational headaches – especially after a weekend of mental hiccups – Germany’s revenge for the last blog post!

However, most companies have other people to run them, as Mike Ashley asserted about the Sports Direct warehouse standards going downhill out of control.  The bigger the company, the less it seems to be able to be run ethically, and keep to its original mission statement. That’s the best thing about the greenYgrey staying very small – I can keep it as ethical as possible.

Good luck to those involved with London fashion week this week, and especially the female models, and those designing ethical fashion outfits. Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno and Paco Wolfsang will be there in spirit.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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