I.S. Just Tip of the Sex Slavery Iceberg

While the world has been horrified by the films of I.S. and Boko Harum and their kidnapped slave girls/women, it seems they are only the tip of the iceberg, as there are said to be over a million sex-slaves in the world; mostly women and many of them children.

Most of them seem to be a part of national, tribal or ethnic ‘cultures’ rather than being invasive and military, like I.S. and its allies.

So maybe we should thank I.S. (sarcasm) and their ilk for publicising it, although all the world seems to be doing about it is opening borders to make it easier to transport the modern slaves.

Immigration Causes Fences and Security

A news report today reported that the Munich Octoberfest beer festival was being fenced in for the first time because of the I.S. threat, after I.S. used the refugee crisis to infiltrate Germany – loads of people were warning about it at the time, but they still didn’t do anything to stop it – when they’ve allowed the threat to build up, they then try to prevent more atrocities!

I thought Germany was an intelligent country, but that policy looks stupid. Isn’t a sign of intelligence being able to plan and anticipate, rather than just wait and react.

This year, Germany has looked like a domesticated animal that doesn’t know a predatory threat, rather than a wild gazelle used to eluding danger.

pink floyd

While the left think open borders are liberal, they usually lead to higher security and less freedom inside the country. There are more gun-carrying police in the U.K. now than ever, and even machine-gun-carrying rapid response units.

Some refugees and migrants are deserving, and I think some should be allowed in, along with economic migrants where their work is needed, but only after proper vetting.

Horrors of War Attract the ‘Nice’

It was the al-Quaeda gruesome beheading videos, which are very popular best sellers for their supporters, that helped put me off war thirteen years ago. Most warriors of history have acted the same way, but of course they didn’t film it.

Ironically, while the videos put me off war, after I grew up on heroism in movies and comics, they seem to have attracted ‘nice’ men, women and children, who’ve been willing to risk their lives to travel and support the paedophile slavers and video-nasty film-makers.

It was also partly inspirational for my greenYgrey fantasy travels, and especially the third one’s travel quest Beyond Humanity:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XaW-Files-Beyond-Humanity-Fantasy/dp/1516969065


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