Messages in Rock and Metal Music: from God and Guns to Devil at Crossroads

Warning: this blog post contains greenYgrey backward messages that also go forwards and sideways, in a satirical non-religious, non-political (correctness) parody way.

I listen to any music, without caring about the politics or religion of the musicians. From my youth in the late 1970s, I started off being a bit of a New Wave fan, mostly because of Blondie. I liked punk and two-tone a little, but the former was too raucous, and the latter too light.

Rock and Metal Years

As Blondie peaked, I started liking rock and metal around 1980. That was partly because a New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) was big news, and had a ‘uniform’ and ethos I related to, always having liked pagan tribes in the movies.But mainly it was the music, led by Saxon, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard.

However, the most memorable songs of my transition were a couple of Rainbow singles off the Down to Earth album, and some AC/DC songs released after the death of their singer Bon Scott.

The rock and metal of the time was mostly escapism, good times rock n’ roll. However, it was the band with the working-class to Hollywood streets message, Guns N’ Roses, that became my favourite band from 1987 to when Seattle grunge took over in the early to mid 1990s.

I liked other music during my metal years, such as Utah Saints, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The All Saints, Bronski Beat, Madonna and En Vogue, but mostly only really paid attention to rock and metal; and only bought its records and merchandise. There were no messages to my personality in those musicians and bands; I just liked the music; in fact, I sometimes felt guilty about liking it, as I thought it made me less metal!

God and Devil

After escaping to dance music for a decade I returned to rock and metal in the mid-2000s. I mostly listen to old rock, but was impressed with a lot of new bands at this year’s Download festival. Rammstein are an old band I really ‘discovered’ there, having quite liked what I’d heard before.

One thing I noticed was that there seems a lot more devil worship involved in metal now. I don’t know how serious they are, but there’s certainly a lot more emphasis on showing the devil’s horns sign with the fingers.

I don’t believe in the monotheistic God and Devil myself, thinking their beliefs are harmless enough usually, but worry that more devil emphasis in the ‘counter-culture’ will only justify and invigorate the god squad of monotheistic religions.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: God and Guns

One of my favourite old bands are Lynyrd Skynyrd. I like them for their music, and especially their travelling songs. One of their most recent albums was called God and Guns, where they celebrate the hunting club. All that is anathema to me, but I still listen to their music, as I like the tunes, and some of the songs and messages, such as Still Unbroken. In the old songs I particularly like the hobo travelling ones, such as Freebird, Railroad Song and Travelin’ Man.

While the liberal left seem to want to persecute me because I criticise Islam, and Lynyrd Skynyrd because they’re southern, in fact, their religious ideology is much closer to Islam than it is to mine! Southern American conservatives and fundamental Muslims are pretty alike in many ways!!

I don’t like Lynyrd Skynyrd particularly because they are southern, but I think they have a right to defend the good parts of it, such as blue sky and abundant nature, and was glad they dedicated a song to a person they obviously liked, Curtis Leow; although that could be deemed politically incorrect taking it out of context, because he is poor. I believe they wrote it for the right reasons.

Devil in Rock and Roll

Rock and roll has been described as the devil’s music through history, and bands like the Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath have danced with the devil, without really jumping into bed with it.

Some bands and musicians have gone further, and considered themselves really satanic. I’ve never been into such a band… until maybe The Pretty Reckless. Taylor Momsen has said she’s satanic in the past. Their new single does seem to take off from where the Stones left their Sympathy for the Devil:

I don’t believe in any of it, so consider it harmless as long as nobody and nothing is hurt: such as sacrifices; although is it any different to ritual killing in other religions?

I certainly don’t recommend it as I don’t believe in it, and think it might increase belief in monotheistic religions as a reaction, but if people become ‘satanic’ as a protest against monotheistic religion control, abuse, killing and hypocrisy; especially misogyny;  I can understand it.

Women had more equality in Britain 2000 years ago under paganism, when there were goddesses as well as gods, than they’ve had under monotheism, and now it’s likely to recede even more under the New Wave of Monotheistic Religion (NWOMR).

That was long before Christianity brought the Devil north from the Middle-East.

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