Comedy Ideas and Environmental Worries

I often think I can edit blog posts that are done in stream of consciousness, as they usually are here. The Yogi Bear and the Wolf of Wall Street blog post from a few days ago was a particular example, so I went back to it after lots of ideas echoed through my mind afterwards, and here’s some additions:

Comedy Idea for Reginald D. Hunter

Although Brown Lives Matter doesn’t exist, and I was referring to the surname Brown, I can imagine some people who grew up under Tony Blair’s multicultural fascism might wonder if it is ‘racist’, as they are scared to even say colours such as black, white and brown.

While some may declare ‘racism’, a cool comedian like Reginald D. Hunter could adopt it. I could just imagine him saying ‘Black Lives Matter? What, don’t us brown folks matter?’

I think that would do much more good for black and brown people in Britain than the Black Lives Matter movement does; that’s if they just want to gain a better life, and help races get along, rather than a racial revolution where they take over!

I liked Hunter’s appearances on television, and especially his comedy method of pretending to be slow-minded. I laughed with him, appreciating his humour, and courage to pretend to be slow. It’s a type of humour I’ve done sometimes, but now know it hasn’t usually been interpreted properly as humour.

Sometimes looking genuinely slow doesn’t help, with most of it down to my ADHD (according to me), such as only hearing part of a conversation, and then being expected to comment on it; becoming deafer as I grow older doesn’t help either! Or not being very interested in modern technology, although I enjoy the end product, such as here blogging for my writing, or editing images.

Tony Blair’s Legacy

The oily salesman of environmental destruction during New Labour’s mass immigration and multiculturalism was of course Tony Blair, who fits in nicely with the Yogi Bear and Catherine Tate depictions of ruthless developers – he is now raking in millions of international money after opening up and selling off Britain to the world.

Missed Caption Opportunity

After writing about humans and animals both suffering from lost environments and more pollution I should have written ‘We’re all in this boat together’ above this image, as it provides the perfect combination of half animals and half humans.


Main Point Early

I also tried to connect Yogi Bear and the Wolf of Wall Street at the end, comparing the two male stars, but had already made the real main point earlier. Hopefully, my losing my way mid-stream, shows that it was genuine ‘live’ thoughts.

The main point was that in Britain over the last twenty years the Yogi Bears have become the baddies and the Jordan Belforts the goodies – for the right-wing top earners, the 1980s yuppies were followed by Blair giving bankers special privileges, and programmes like The Apprentice have glamorised business; for the left-wing social activists, it seems as though they have abandoned the environment, focusing more on humanity and social issues. While they criticise Blair for international events such as the Iraq war (but not Kosovo), they are helping fulfil his national agenda, which supported religious multiculturalism based on mass immigration.

Environmental Native Americans not Newsworthy to U.K. Media

It seems that the British media’s agenda was shown again on the weekend, when an American footballer making a black power protest made the news.

Standing Rock Sioux Native Americans have been protesting against an oil pipeline planned to go through their sacred land in their hundreds for weeks, joined by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio. I haven’t seen that make the British headline news.

That seems a reflection of the British headline news’s domestic agenda over the last twenty years, putting race and immigration over the native people and environmental concerns.

The nine white Black Lives Matter protestors who disrupted air traffic in the U.K. last week might as well have declared themselves Red Lives Matter! But maybe they know the British media don’t care about Native Americans!

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