Toy Doctor: Another World First Opportunity from Top Feminist

As it doesn’t look as if I’m going to make enough money writing to make a career out of it, and women don’t seem interested in my feminism, and I’m looking for direction for my 50s, I think it’s time to set Plan B in motion; or as it’s known in the greenYgrey world, Plan TD.

World’s First Toy Doctor?

If I’m successful in finding a much younger and much richer woman, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog, then I will also become the first self-proclaimed toy doctor; I hope the new concept has already enhanced my self-proclaimed genius status!

If I find a 21-40 years old woman I obviously can’t be her toy boy, as I’m 50. As I’m poorer, I also won’t be able to be a sugar daddy, and wouldn’t want any incestuous connotations anyway!

So, maybe it’s time for the world’s first toy doctor, which would be me!

Realistic Humour Disclaimer

I don’t want to bring my PhD into disrepute, but the establishment hasn’t offered me any work to make it of any value anyway. They didn’t want to give me it, and have tried to hide it as much as possible since.

I don’t really want to be constrained by the establishment anyway, having to be politically correct and following the dominant ideology, which seems to be towards Islamisation – as a Times story reports today about police officers wearing burqas, a police commissioner says they have to reflect society, and of course it’s becoming more and more Islamic because of the numbers increasing.

I also don’t want to encourage anybody to become a gold-digger, valuing loving relationships much higher than those based on money.

Super Groupie to Toy Doctor

My toy doctor is just a continuation of my feminism with a small f anyway, seen previously when I proclaimed myself Taylor Momsen’s super groupie. That was inspired by a documentary about double-G, quadruple-E Germaine Greer, which reported that she was Led Zeppelin’s super-groupie while also being a militant 1960s feminist.


So I thought if it’s okay for her to be a feminist and groupie, then it should be okay for me too.

Maybe that makes me a masculinist, because I’m a man proclaiming myself a groupie to a woman, as Greer was a woman being a groupie to men.

Or are women who are willing to take the secondary role to men the real masculinists?

I’m a Great Feminist

I remember from my Communications Studies that opposites make better supporters than those who are expected to support an issue.

So a lesbian being a feminist won’t have much impact, because it’s expected, and society won’t take much notice. However, if a male like me; and I still am totally male, although in touch with my feminine side; supports women it is likely to make people think more – that’s if they understand it anyway.

So that’s why I.S. is probably getting women on board; as well as white boys like the one featured in a propaganda video executing Kurdish prisoners last week; because women and white people supporting an ideology that is very sexist, as well as prejudiced in other ways, provides more clout than just featuring Arab men.

So is Nadiya Hussein a good advert for the multicultural British establishment, or Islam’s patriarchy; or a bit of both, as Islam’s patriarchy rises in Britain thanks to multiculturalism.

Male Feminism is More Heterosexual

While the average man might think I’m more feminine being feminist, I think I’m being more heterosexual – not that that means being more homophobic.

The average young man thinks hero worshipping macho men, and dissing women, is being heterosexual, but it’s the opposite really.

Being heterosexual is liking women, and treating them well. Don’t worry, I hero worshipped macho men while young too… or maybe that will get you worrying?

That’s not to say men have to bow down to women, or women should take advantage. Being greenYgrey I can still see both sides, and think women already have the advantage in some ways, such as divorce settlements. Unfortunately, the more ‘equality’ women have, the more likely they are to become like sexist men (ladettes and lads).

I would only want to be with a woman who could rise above that, with enough intelligence and independence to respect my values, and understand my weaknesses. That’s why women like Amber Heard, Taylor Momsen and Cressida Bonas would top my list; not that I know them of course, and they may be totally different to how I perceive them from their media images!

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