Yogi Bear and the Wolf of Wall Street

A couple of months ago I watched the Yogi Bear movie, and a couple of days ago The Wolf of Wall Street. They just joined together in the title above, as I was thinking what to write today. One’s more for children and the other for adults. The greenYgrey’s content and focus has been somewhere between the two, and that’s why I’ve tried keeping my moral behaviour as ethical and upstanding as possible.


Yogi Bear

The storyline of Yogi Bear centred on an ‘evil’ mayor called Brown (who funnily enough had the same surname as the underhand head of department in my PhD; and the same name used in a song sung by Catherine Tate’s nan to an ‘oily developer’, whose name was actually something different I just saw after taking the time to look it up).

Although Brown links them, they were both white, before any Brown Lives Matter activists protest!

I saw my relationship with my Brown the same way as the Browns were depicted in Yogi Bear and Catherine Tate, or the Gladiator battle between a heroic warrior and a scheming politician. Brown probably saw it differently.

I think he was environmentally aware though, as I remember the rich housewife, who was also a very nice person, and would have been a contender if I’d met her before marriage and motherhood, saying he’d objected to her driving in to uni, as he caught the bus.

Anyway, I have digressed. The main point I wanted to make was that Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Rachel and Ranger Smith were the heroes of the movie, trying to save Jellystone. The property developers were the baddies, trying to make sure the park failed, so they could make money building within it.

In the U.K. in recent years, it seems to have been turned on its head, with anybody wanting to save the environment being made out to be the baddies.

The main reason for this is the sad plight of refugees and migrants. If people say they want to protect the environment from development, which is a certainty from millions more people, then they are being inhumane.

So I wonder if it is like in Yogi Bear, and the mass immigration over the last twenty years is a property developing persuasion, as seen being done humorously and fictionally by ‘oily’ salesmen in Yogi Bear and Catherine Tate’s Nan.

While some houses and developments are needed, when I hear liberals like the Green Party calling for more green belt to be destroyed, and built on, I wonder if it is all a big con to keep Britain growing in population, urbanisation and industrialisation.

As the recent medical report stating that cancer rates were going up in the U.K. due to more pollution and less outdoors life shows, it is humanity that suffers from environmental destruction as well as the animals.


Wolf of Wall Street

While I’ve been trying to live the ethical environmentally conscious freelance writer lifestyle for the last decade I think most people still try to depict me as some failed Wolf of Wall Street.

Wolf of environmental writing maybe, but more of a Gentle Wolf really, like the Hell Hunt (Gentle Wolf) pub in Tallinn, Estonia. That pub’s confusing name for English speakers probably highlights the failure to communicate (Cool Hand Luke movie quote, used by Guns N’ Roses in Civil War song) for the greenYgrey; for people who are so brainwashed by wolf folklore that they can only think the negative when they hear wolf.

If I’ve done no good with my writing and blogging then I think I might as well have tried going into investment banking or something, as the lifestyle did seem fun in the movie… for a while anyway! Not that I’m a good salesman at all!!

My original writing inspiration, Jack Kerouac, did apparently say in the end that he’d wished he’d spent his life trying to make more money, and I might be nearing the same conclusion.

No, I’m glad I’ve written what I have, and reached my full writing potential; there may be more, but I’ve done enough.

I do regret I haven’t made enough money to keep a woman like the wolf, Jordan Belfort, marries in the style she has gotten used to; Margot Robbie playing a slim long-haired blonde called Naomi, with a nice personality and chic feminine style. Then again, when the money dried up she wanted out; although he was out of control as well, reminding me of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

Which is the dilemma I have now, in that even if a woman like that shows interest, I don’t have the confidence in my circumstances to think she’s doing it for the right reasons, or that it’ll last – maybe only a rich beautiful woman like Amber Heard or Taylor Momsen could really convince me now – a part of my feminism with a small f is that I’m quite happy to play the secondary role, as long as it’s done with respect and cooperation, rather than disdain and competition.

What’s the link with Yogi Bear I think you might be asking? Well, Jordan Belfort is the opposite to Ranger Smith, and would probably sell and develop Jellystone like Mayor Brown. Their love affairs were also very different, with Belfort’s inspired by wealth, while Smith and Rachel’s was more personality. They are both humans though, and trying to do good their own ways, and both helping and hindering humanity in different ways along the way.

I always wanted a relationship with more of the latter, but I’m old enough now to know that finance has got to be a factor for a happy relationship. Unless you can live the Good Life for less!

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