Hungary Travel Wordplay Comedy

The second episode of chapter 4 continues to ramble through Hungary, creating a story out of wordplay between greenYgrey and the real town of Gyöngyös, and real semi-celebrity Gyöngyi Horvath. The wordplay also conjures up memories of real full-celebrities Rachel Riley and Susie Dent characters, who were featured on this site not so long ago.

There’s also a big storyline for our cute comedy anagram star, Love the mixed-up vole, after it went blind in the previous chapter, in a Great Escape themed story. In a little trivia since the book was published this year, there was a reintroduction of 100 water voles to my closest national park, the Yorkshire Dales; and the park has also been expanded in size in another bit of good local environmental news.

Chapter 4 Episode 2

While Gyöngyös’s name had drawn my attention to it solely on its greenYgreyness, after arriving there we found great greenYgrey scenery, and an amazing coat of arms featuring a wolf-dog running just above a green-blue horizon line under sun and moon faces.


Love at First Sight

It had been name-love at first sight, and I thought of countless crazy Countdown copulating, mixing up our letters to create new words: we both have two Gs, two Ys and an N; while Gyöngyös has a couple of Os and an S, and I have three Es, and a couple of Rs extra.

I thought what beautiful words our word expert Susie Dentinfang could create, with Wachel Wiley-Coyotecutie mixing up our letters. I thought up Greyneyogyrgenosyg, but thought Susie could probably do better!

‘I can see,’ said Love, ‘I can see what you’re saying.’

‘That’s great Love,’ I said, ‘you can see what I mean?’

‘No, well yes, and yes,’ Love said.

‘That sounds a little mixed-up Love,’ I said, not realising I’d indulged in wondrous wacky wordplay at the heart of the vole-love mixed-up anagram until half way through communicating it.

Love got it straight away, chuckling before clarifying, ‘I meant that no – I didn’t primarily mean I could understand what you were saying; yes – I did understand what you meant; and yes – I can totally see what you said, because I can see again, I can see Gyöngyös and its coat of arms in all their greenYgreyesque glory.’

Love Leads the Way

We were all overjoyed, and hugged Love, congratulating it on the great news.

After disentangling, Love said ‘Let’s go on to Gyöngyös,’ as it surged ahead straight into the town centre.

There was a conference going on in the centre of town; organised by the well-known sociologist and conference organiser with a charming name Gyöngyi Horvath.

Skin Deep Great Leap

Funnily enough, the topic of the conference was The greenYgrey of Love at First Sight.

Most of the speakers thought there was such a thing as Love at First Sight, while others thought there wasn’t. The question got even more complicated after that, like our Y making us three-dimensional, with some of those who thought there was such a thing as Love at First Sight thinking it was either good or bad, with the latter thinking it negative because they thought that love should build over time.

Loving Gyöngyös More and More

Everybody was standing around chatting after the conference, when Mary caught the eye of Gyöngyi. I couldn’t believe what happened next, as Gyöngyi came over and hugged Mary.

It turned out Gyöngyi was a big fan of Mary’s philosophy, and had always dreamed of meeting her.

After calming down, Gyöngyi told us a little about Gyöngyös, and I began to feel that although my love for Gyöngyös had already felt complete, I was finding out more reasons to love it all the time. For example, the meaning of the town’s name is “Made of Pearls”, and is pronounced locally as “Dyun-dyush”; apparently deriving from the Hungarian f-ing greenYgreyesque word for mistletoe – fagyöngy.

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