Paralympics Rio 2016 Olympics Memory

I’d like to claim all the credit for Team GB’s performance in Rio 2016, but that wouldn’t be greenYgrey of me (a little self-parody humour there). While I wrote the Olympics was humanity at its best at the time, it is only humanity at its physical best of course. It is at its moral best when doing good, such as charity work.

Paralympians and other handicapped athletes are overall more impressive mentally than fully physically fit athletes, as they have overcome adversity to achieve their sporting goals. I write overall, because it’s not necessarily always the case.

My Olympics Legacy

The best Olympics of my childhood and youth; the one I remember with particular nostalgia; is the Montreal Olympics of 1976. I don’t think it is remembered as a special Olympics in history, it was just when I was old enough to really understand it, and create memories that stuck in the mind.

In fact, it wasn’t particularly the Olympics events themselves, more that it inspired copying, in what just happened to be the best summer in Blighty of my childhood, and one of the best ever.

While Jane Tomlinson and Paula Radcliffe were my running inspirations to return to endurance running, I also had an Olympics inspiration that helped me create my five marathons; one every three years until I’m 50; ambition.

That was Steve Redgrave, who won five rowing golds over five Olympics between 1984 to 2000. Redgrave was an expert at Rio 2016, after a cameo appearance in Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

I started running long distances again in 2003, and achieved my marathons ambition from 2004 to 2016. I know my ambition doesn’t compare to Redgrave’s achievements, but I completed it, and that’s all I could do.

Team GB has gone from strength to strength during my ambition, after Redgrave was almost single-handedly winning golds during his rowing career. I doubt if I played much part in it, but would like to think I played a little, as all the sportspeople over the last twenty years have done.

Rio 2016 Great for Team GB

Team GB won more medals for the fifth Olympics running, and were the first to win more medals in the Olympics after they hosted it. I didn’t expect it to be so good, and neither did most of the experts, as they admitted.

I don’t want to pick out anybody in particular, and think they have all been great. Commiserations to those who just missed out on gold or a medal too.

Instead, with a little parody humour, I’d like to pick out the running shoes worn by Mo Farah in his double-double winning 10,000 metres and 5,000 metres, as they seemed to encapture exquisitively the gYg POP colours. Here’s a photo of similar shoes:

running shoe

Post National Lottery Advert Addition

I’d written the above before seeing the National Lottery Rio 2016 advert with what looks like a south-coast mosque dominating the skyline. Are the people welcoming Team GB back, or is it a prophecy of Britain in 20 or 50 years, with everybody trying to escape, as they are from the Middle-East and North Africa now?

I’ve supported all of Team GB, whatever their colour or faith. Mo Farah’s only mistake for me was naming one of his daughters after Mohammed’s child bride; a tradition now being copied by the likes of I.S. and Boko Harum.

If he meant it as a tribute to a girl’s strength and resilience to survive such an ordeal then I support it, but as he’s still a practising Muslim I doubt if it is critical of Mohammed, and supportive of a child victim. I’m sure it is an innocent ‘mistake’ anyway, chosen as it is still culturally acceptable.

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