Beyond Humanity Multiple Meanings

African elephants are intelligent enough to avoid places where there have been a lot of poacher attacks, but now even the places that they consider safe havens, such as Botswana, are attracting poachers. It shows how difficult it is for animals to now escape humanity, which is only made possible by defenders of wildlife humanity, and that goes to show how greenygrey the sub-title of XaW Files is.

Ingenious Animals

Watching the wonderful creatures in the new documentary series Ingenious Animals, my admiration for the animals was tempered by the fact that many are now endangered, just as we’re starting to appreciate how intelligent they are, and how much value they have for human society and knowledge acquisition.

My favourite in last night’s show were the sun bears, who proved themselves as clever in problem-solving tasks as animals currently thought the most intelligent, such as primates, cetaceans and dogs.

Beyond Humanity

Beyond Humanity also has a personal meaning, about trying to go mentally further than normal, in the search for great writing, and new philosophical ideas; or at least new angles on old ideas.

Beyond Humanity can also refer to most humans not seeming to understand the concept, which is at times quite complicated, probably being the apex of my philosophical thinking, after a decade of study and a decade of creative writing, preceded by a decade of mostly travelling.

Many things are beyond me, as I haven’t taken the time to study them, from computers to domestic matters, so please don’t think I’m being blasé there. I know my mental limitations, and have studied them more than most people to see where I do well and don’t do well. Some things will always be beyond me, and some things will always be beyond the rest of humanity.

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