Accepting Mourinho’s Submission

This blog is to show how Double Negativity works, as used by less accomplished media people against me; as I am somewhere between them and Mourinho. I have nothing against Mourinho as a person, have liked some parts of his personality, and respect his achievements.

This blog post, like the previous ones, uses a mixture of fact and speculation to create a parody blog post. I wish Mourinho success and happiness in his life, but not footballing success as manager of the Red Devils (little friendly poke at the ‘nice club’ at the end there – if there is a god, heaven and hell, then they seem to be receiving help from the root of all evil side).

A Mata of Thanks: Double Negativity

After I first wrote about Mourinho, and mentioned his embarrassment of Mata during the Community Shield match at Wembley, Mourinho played Mata against Bournemouth in the first game of the season.

I then wrote that I didn’t think he’d play him in the next match, but Mourinho did play Mata against Southampton too. They won both matches.

Mourinho seems to be bouncing back well, and proving me wrong, not that I know he knows about me; or think that he does much, although there is that possibility.

However, by the laws of Double Negativity, I can still claim victory, by arguing that Mourinho is still following my lead, from the first blog before the start of the season.

I could also make Mata out to be in the wrong, for not thanking me for my help.

This is an Example of My Experiences

Despite thinking up lots of great new concepts over the last fifteen years, writing seven books and thousands of blogs, I still find myself fighting off those who claim credit for my mind.

Some people have influenced me, but nobody has to a great deal. Even my mentorship in my PhD was standoffish at best, and non-existent at worst. I’m glad in a way, because it inspired me to be more independent, which is what it is supposed to do after the first year.

In university I had friends who thought they influenced me when I’d been living that life since around 1980, and on all the populated continents by the time I met them: fifteen years of life experience and knowledge, living as independently as possible in the ‘counter-culture’.

This was followed by people in work, who followed them like sheep, believing those from higher classes or positions in society; not even believing someone like me could be a doctor of philosophy.

That’s Britain in the 21st century, and that’s why it seems to be heading in the direction it is.

What’s that got to do with Mourinho you might be asking, if you remember the start of the blog. Well, if I really considered myself having control of Mourinho’s mind, strategy and tactics I think I’d be as bad as those with much less life experience, knowledge and qualifications claiming credit for my writing!

They can try and claim credit just by spending time with you, even if you try not to have any conversation. That’s why I try and avoid contact with them at all. I can do it with ‘friends’, but not in work when I’m put in to work with them, although I’ve made it clear I don’t want to work with them.

Those are the lengths I’ve gone to for MY writing, and secondly for anybody who identifies with it, hopefully helping those who might share some of my demographic, interests and objectives.

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