Chronicles of Nadiya Review

Nadiya Hussein seems beyond criticism, like the royal family used to be. So here’s some criticism of her new documentary Chronicles of Nadiya. The criticism is of the documentary, not Nadiya, who seems nice on the surface.

Chronicles of Nadiya felt more like an advert for Islam than a food programme, such as her lengthily describing how great the hijab is, and how brides are supposed to look melancholy and submissive on their wedding day; bit of an own goal the latter I think, although I don’t think anybody cares anymore, and especially women, with the establishment returning women to their Victorian men-dependent places, after a brief flirtation with independent thinking!

Bangladesh Islamist Wave of Killings Omitted

While a normal cookery travel programme wouldn’t be expected to address social issues, there was so much Islamist religion in the Chronicles of Nadiya that it could have been mentioned that there have been a wave of Islamist killings in the country this year, targeting secular and gay writers and publishers, as well as other religions.

Nadiya did say she wouldn’t put her children through arranged marriages, which was a sign of progress. And she did seem a nice sweet woman. It is not her I have an argument with, it is what she might be being used for, by the British liberal establishment.

Below is what the Guardian reported about Bangladesh in April:

‘Anyone could become a target’: wave of Islamist killings hits Bangladesh

Spate of attacks on country’s prominent atheist and gay activists, bloggers and academics engulfs Dhaka

There is an eerie feeling out on the streets of Bangladesh. To some of the city’s academics, activists and gay community, Dhaka now feels more dangerous than a war zone, after a spate of machete attacks by Islamist groups, including the murder last week of the founder of Bangladesh’s first magazine for the gay community.

At least 16 people have died in such attacks in the past three years, among them six secular bloggers, two university professors, an Italian priest, two other foreigners working in the development sector, and a prominent gay activist.


I’m criticising the lack of balance from an agnostic/atheist/secular point of view by the way, not gay, although I opposed attacks on them just as much… and especially non-heterosexual beautiful women!

A recent Daily Mail article wrote that some arrests have been made.


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