Melissa Bishop – Gold Medallist

Team GB has just landed from their record-breaking medal haul in the Rio Olympics 2016, so I thought I’d ignore them today, and use this blog to award Canadian middle-distance runner Melissa Bishop the AAW-WOW gold medal.

Don’t Bash the Bishop

I don’t know anything about Melissa Bishop apart from that she is a runner, and was beaten to bronze on the home straight in the Rio Olympics 800 metres. The race was won by controversial runner Caster Semenya, whose levels of testosterone are unusual for a woman.

I don’t want to be involved in that controversy, and don’t think it’s Semenya’s fault at all; and that Semenya must be applauded too for her athleticism and mental strength to put up with all the debate.

However, Bishop does look like a poster-girl for AAW-WOW, and took being 4th angelically as far as I know.

No Sex or Race

Awarding the AAW-WOW gold to Bishop does provide space too; to make it seem less likely that I’m doing this for personal reasons, such as the hope that Bishop will reward me. I haven’t looked up anything about Bishop, such as her sexuality or marital status.

There were many beautiful women from all over the world in the Olympics, in line with the original premise of the Adult Angelic Waifs – Women of World. Bishop’s beauty was increased by her tragedy, also bringing a paradigm shift in interpretations of AAW-WOW… which is also in line with greenYgrey thinking.

AAW-WOW was originally meant to describe a high-pitched excited exclamation, but Bishop has shown that it can also be used as a low-pitched feeling sorry for women abbreviation too. So Bishop is not only a gold medallist, but also a paradigm shifter.

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