Work is Not Freedom, but Unfortunately Sometimes Necessary Now

I wrote the thoughts below stream of consciousness-style on work on google plus this morning, and thought it’d do for today’s blog. I hope you have work you enjoy, and if you don’t, then you can stand it for as long as necessary. Try and get through it as best you can, but never let them brainwash you that Work is Freedom!


(No offence meant to survivors from concentration camps, or those who provide fair work, as my employers mostly do).

I hope one day humanity will be freed from work.
At least work they don’t want to do.
Am I lazy for saying this?
No, I hope humanity will be freed to exercise and create when they want to, rather than being chained to a workplace where they don’t want to be, their mind and spirit as well as body.
It’s far off in the future though, and not now. Countries need workers now, and workers need money.
One day it may not be that way.
Work can be rewarding, but can also be a bind.
If humanity was freed from work they could get the same rewards as in work, such as meeting people and achieving targets, but they could spend their time with people they choose to spend time with, and achieving targets they set.

Happy Friday if your weekend starts today!

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