World of Wealthy Sporting Individuals Wouldn’t War

I watched about twenty minutes of Rich Kids of Instagram a few weeks ago. I thought it was a documentary special rather than a series before watching. In my socialist youth they might have annoyed me, but now I thought they were alright, compared to what’s going on elsewhere in the world.

In fact, I thought about becoming a rich kid of Instagram for my 50s decade, but after a decade of most people not getting the greenYgrey, thought I’d limit it to an ironic joke here, while remembering to make clear that it is irony, for the U.K. as well as U.S.A.!

While I wanted Anarchy in the U.K. in my youth, now I’m just trying to help irony survive, as elite liberal society multiculturalism and social media has nearly made such things taboo,  through a combination of upper class tut-tutting and multicultural/lower classes threat-threatening.

British Liberals Too Narrow-Minded (a greenYgreyism)

Angela Gibbins, a British Council manager, caused a stir recently by complaining about Prince George being an example of white privilege.

I bet Angela Gibbins doesn’t watch Rich Kids of Instagram if she’s like the liberals I knew at university, who consider such programmes below them.

If she did, she would see that the global rich are very multi-ethnic and different coloured. One was joking about being descended from the Ottoman Empire rulers. Africa and Asia have many kings and princes, and probably all of them are non-white. Prince George is privileged compared to me too, and so are most non-white people, as they have more ‘defence’ through racism being considered more important than classism, and ‘image attractiveness’ for our leaders, who want to portray an ideal multicultural country that is like a microcosm of the British empire.

The rich kids of Instagram all have a great education, and they are probably the ideal students sought after by top British schools and universities; rather than putting up with white trash like me, who they mostly treated as an unwelcome invading imposter in the postgraduate community, prompted by some people in my ICS department, even though I was much less pushy and disgruntled than a lot of the foreign students. They seemed to regard ‘normal’ people being like that as showing pluck, whereas if I did it I was trying to push my weight around or something, judging me by my look and background.

World Peace Dependent on Wealth

The rich kids of Instagram looked happy and peaceful, enjoying a life that many admitted was quite shallow, which made me like their lifestyle even more. I liked them not for their looks, youth or money, but simply because they were living in peace and seemed to have some self-reflection, seeing the faults in their life, and appreciating their good fortune.

I know it must be easy to be happy and peaceful when you have everything you want. Most people would live in peace that way, if they were part of a rich global individuality, rather than poor tribalism, which is what the world is mostly like now, and Britain is becoming more like with mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Maybe the Rich Kids of Instagram ideal is what the global leaders and liberals are aiming for with their mass immigration and no borders ideals. It would probably work with wealth, but when it leads to more and more poverty, with people living in more and more cramped poor communities, it isn’t going to work.

Olympics Spirit Works

I think it is the same with the Olympics, which shows humanity at its best, with many great athletes competing from around the world, peacefully and in harmony, with a great sporting ethos, and pushing themselves to their body, mind and spirit limits.

I think it is a great example of a multi-ethnic one-culture community. While the people from all around the world normally live in different political and religious cultures, in the Olympic village they are all supposed to live within the Olympics culture: living and competing fairly, with respect for each other.

Officials and the Poor

However, even with the Olympics, it is only an island in a troubled sea, which sometimes has choppy waves rocking it.

As yesterday’s judging in the open water, boxing, high-jump and weight-lifting showed, officials can still get it wrong, as the police do in normal society. Sometimes they were too accommodating, such as in the high-jump or weight-lifting, passing attempts that shouldn’t have been; sometimes they were too strict, such as the open water; and sometimes they saw things totally different to the experts, such as in the boxing.

There are also a lot of anti-poverty protests outside the Olympic village, and there have also been a few incidents of crime involving competitors being attacked or robbed.

Future Rich and Poor

I think that shows that while the majority can enjoy the minority raising humanity’s spirits through their sporting endeavours, there will always be resentment among some members of the public. Sometimes it rises to the surface in crime, and other times it is legitimately advanced by critics like Angela Gibbins.

I think Prince George is an example of human privilege, and maybe he’ll just be another Rich Kid of Instagram around about 2030.

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