Mourinho Copied Me? Gymnastics – Media Analysis Analogy

After Saturday’s post, when I declared myself a better manager than Mourinho in 2015/16, and criticised him for the way he treated Juan Mata, Mourinho played Mata yesterday, and Mata scored their first goal.

Football Relationships: the Mourinho and Mata Example

If I was like the people around me and my writing, I would claim that Mourinho played Mata because of my blog post, accepting me as the better manager, and that I therefore deserve the praise for Mata’s performance. I don’t think so, and won’t claim it. Mata probably won’t play next game, when Pogba’s available.

Who was vindicated by Mata’s goal: him or Mourinho? Mata will probably think that his goal shows he shouldn’t be treated by Mourinho that way, while Mourinho might claim that the way he treated Mata inspired the player’s display or goal.

I think that shows the greenYgreyness of relationships where there is a manager and player; or other similar relationships, such as manager and worker, or parent and child.

Gymnastics Commentary an Example of Media Knowledge

I’ve said before that most of my higher class or positions friends and colleagues seem to think they know more than me about everything, and especially things that I’m expert in, such as media, politics, culture and society.

I thought of a good example of their deficiencies while watching the amazing Olympics gymnastics; in the amazingly greenYgrey hall, matching the velodrome, tennis courts, team sports fields and even the water sports pools! The best greenygrey times are preserved for the sunset time though, before the PinkyOrangePurple (POP) ends the daylight.

To a casual viewer like me all the gymnasts look amazing, and I only notice the obvious faults, such as when they fall or stop.

However, listening to the commentary, the expert commentator picks out lots of little faults or differences, such as lifting the legs higher/lower, or doing a move the proper way.

I think that’s similar to the media, politics, culture and society. Most people just watch it as I watch gymnastics, without knowing the media ‘rules’, background and intricacies.

Most people therefore just focus on the obvious face value subjects, such as race, sex and personality. If I didn’t hear the commentator at the gymnastics I might just judge them on how they look, or who does the most spectacular jumps and spins: if the ones I thought looked best and most spectacular didn’t win, I might put it down to their look, race or politics, when it might be because of styles and techniques of which I’m not even a-were (sic).

P.S. To end by greenYgreying the debate even further, I still think there is politics in the Eurovision Song Contest, while admitting I’m no pop music expert!

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