Best Football Manager 2015/16: Marc = 4 Mourinho = 0

When I joked I was a better football manager than Jose Mourinho during last season I didn’t expect to excel in my Premier League fantasy football leagues the way I did. I ended up winning four out of six leagues I entered; all three classic leagues, and one out of three head to head leagues.

Screenshot (53)

Answering Negatives

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet in a serious way, but feel I have to show my successes, as many Double Negatives want to hide them. If I didn’t have this blog, on my experiences in university, I think I would be stopped from showing any intelligence like I try and do here; any intuition and intelligence hidden from society, or appropriated by others in higher positions; who are probably from higher classes too.

I went through most of my life not caring, and that’s probably why I was happier in a free living kind of way.

However, when I felt I was being treated as a microcosm of the negative new ‘chav’ identity for the working-class, continued under New Labour since Thatcher went to war against the unions in the 1980s, I started to take myself more seriously.

Moreover, on a personal level, the bullshit surrounding me started to suffocate me, and I felt I had to break out from it, and prove I deserve my PhD, my writing is good, and my intentions during my self-employment have been true.

When I drew my ADHD self-portrait, I also made one other mental health image; a collage depicting how I’d had good intentions at university, but most of my department and most upper class students hadn’t wanted to know:

Downward Trend2

Ten years later, I’m still trying to fight to keep my head above water; a doctor of philosophy acting much better than HRH Prince Andrew in the last decade, but Randy Andy was rewarded with being appointed as Chancellor of a university!

Working-Class Just as Bad

That was one of the reasons I wanted to leave university, but I have since found the ‘working-class’ can be just as bad, or even worse a lot of the time; especially the competitive shop managers who resent a Dr in their midst, threatening as they see it, their little shop of (power) horrors.

To be fair to them, it is a tough industry, and as depicted in classic sit-com Porridge‘s two prison wardens, the strict McKay and liberal Barrowclough, many people will just try and take advantage of any weakness they sense.

I remember the great writer Sue Townsend saying the upper classes and working-classes try and keep the working-class down in Blighty, and that has been my experience.

From legendary writer Thomas Hardy in the 19th century to amazing film-maker Ken Loach today, British creatives have commented on the waste of the British working-class, because of class prejudice, and it is still as true today as ever; and probably more true than my childhood and youth, 1960s to 1980s.

However, it is not all the upper classes’ fault, and the working-class are partially responsible too. Maybe if the Brexit happens, it will provide a chance for Britain to finally unite, working for a healthy prosperous country that makes everybody proud.

Mourinho Out of Control?

While I joked about competing with Mourinho, I should really be an academic equivalent at the moment, with my qualifications, and a decade down the philosophical writing path, instead of working on the minimum wage.

I think my writing is the equivalent of Mourinho’s management: a maverick with occasional genius.

However, I feel I am under control of my genius; maybe because it’s still self-proclaimed!

Mourinho lost it after the Carneiro incident at the start of last season, and has continued his bullying confrontation style at the start of his administration at Old Trafford.

Dejan Stefanovic, a lawyer and Fif-Pro players’ union member said his treatment of Bastian Schweingsteiger was clear bullying, and Mourinho should have been jailed. Mourinho then embarrassed Juan Mata last week in the Charity Shield, continuing a vendetta against him from their last club.

Maybe Mourinho believes that’s the way to manage his present club, after ‘Fergie’ was supposed to have been a successful bully.

Fantasy Football 2016/17

I think I over-achieved last season, and don’t think I can match it this season. However, when I led three leagues around midway last season I wanted the season to end, and then did even better.

Fantasy Football isn’t a clear test of intelligence, with some luck involved, and dependent somewhat on time put in, and experience: I certainly improved last season after a few seasons of it, and paying more attention to matches.

I did well mostly from judgement, but made a few decisions that seemed to be more instinct: making me think again of self-proclaimed genius. I’m still not a football expert; not knowing if most players are left or right footed, or the systems played by different teams. I just worked from a mixture of watching matches, listening to opinions, and studying the stats.

Fantasy Football is still just a bit of fun, although it can also make me more stressed than most real managers look.

My writing is still my serious business. If Fantasy Football has done one thing, it has hopefully shown that I am able to compete with people from higher classes, and higher employment positions. I am not saying I’m better than them, just that I’m not inferior.

And my writing… well, I think I achieved classic epic with the XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, which was written and published during the last football season, when I was also exceeding all my expectations in Fantasy Football. I don’t want special treatment, or even for people to admire me, being more anti-hero than hero, just to treat me as an equal human, better in some ways than them, and worse in others.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.

Thanks to all those who set up and took part in the Fantasy Football leagues I have played in and that didn’t mind me doing well. And good luck to them for this season…


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