Iron Maiden Book of Souls Tour Best Yet

When the Iron Maiden Book of Souls tour flew out of greenYgrey  jungle, with Eddie looking greatly greenygrey launching a single at the Speed of Light, as featured in a rock blog post here in February, critical greenYgreyologists must have been predicting the worst for the 2016 tour, and maybe an air disaster for their Ed Force One plane sometimes piloted by lead singer Bruce Dickinson, who grew up in a humble Worksop home.

Book of Souls Tour Success

In fact, bassist Steve Harris, who started the band in 1975 with Dave Murray, both growing up similarly humbly, described it as their best ever tour in a thank you video available on the Iron Maiden website. I don’t think the greenYgrey made it a great tour, but it didn’t harm it either:

Iron Maiden’s rise from punk beginnings to epic classics was described as the closest British rock career path that inspired the greenYgrey trilogy, with Guns N’ Roses and Metallica the biggest influences; ending with the XaW Files epic Euro tour:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and all great big bookshops.


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